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July 04,2020 at 9:02am Vanessa Bernardo

Helping my 80 year old neighbour who lives alone with her firewood and shopping, plus we take her bins out each week.

July 04,2020 at 9:02am Tim Hodgson

So, this is the story of helping someone across the road! I saw an elderly lady moving very slowly with her walking frame just starting to cross the road, very nervously as there was never a long enough gap in the traffic. She said she didn’t need help, but just taking the time to walk next to her, chatting for the 90 seconds or so it took to cross to ensure the traffic stopped, lightened my day, and I hope hers 🙂

June 26,2020 at 12:20pm Jay

Cooked Dinner For My Family

June 24,2020 at 11:16am Sophia

I let my friends vent to me when they need to. I do my best to help them.

June 22,2020 at 9:43pm Gaz

Assisted a fellow caravanner we when his jockey wheel dislodged.

June 16,2020 at 9:29am donna

Made a hot meal for the man who lives in a van across the road from me

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Kindness Factory is on a mission to make the world a kinder place. We focus in community, schools, and corporates. We also fund valuable research and insights into kindness and collaborate with like minded people and organisations who share our passion for kindness.



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