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March 05,2021 at 3:14pm Paul

Gave some neighbourly friends a bag of dry dog food for their new puppy

March 05,2021 at 3:12pm Paul

Gave a 10kg bag of puppy dog food to some neighbours for their new family member

March 05,2021 at 3:11pm KH

Ms. HM gave me some painkillers when I wasn’t feeling well!

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm CD

I helped shovel the driveway for my grandmother.

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm Nathaniel P

Replaced an unsafe light switch for a family member.

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm Ms. Harkins

I walked my neighbor’s dog when they were at work all day.

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Kindness Factory is on a mission to make the world a kinder place. We focus in community, schools, and corporates. We also fund valuable research and insights into kindness and collaborate with like minded people and organisations who share our passion for kindness.


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