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April 07,2020 at 9:28am Daniel Peden

i made my brother food

April 07,2020 at 9:28am Karen

Gave my 95 year old neighbour, 4 rolls of toilet paper. It made her day!

April 07,2020 at 9:28am Pat Fernandes

My neighbour brought me round a huge packet of 48 toilet rolls when he heard that I was unable to buy any in the shops due to hoarding. He refused to accept any money for the item.

April 07,2020 at 9:28am riley

helping elderly people carry groceries from the shop to there car

April 06,2020 at 7:12pm Donna Ingram

Gave a Dad and his small son my trolley as I was leaving Aldi because he didn’t have any coins and looked a bit flustered.

April 06,2020 at 7:12pm Allison Yeoland

Bought a friend a coffee

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