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August 12,2020 at 4:29pm Jenny Holden

I had been waiting on an important parcel, Australia post advised it had been delivered to me but i checked my mailbox and all usual haunts where he leaves parcels and nothing nadda no parcel. contacted australia post no help contacted the company i ordered from they will look into it.

out of the blue today i get a call on the mobile, don’t usually pick up from numbers i don’t know but i did and Jan advised a parcel was given to her but addressed to me. she was kind enough to give me her address so that i could come by and pick it up from her.

Made my day that there are still some people in this world with courage and kindness to do a good thing.

August 11,2020 at 10:15am Jed Dolby

I went to a 3 hour meeting with my dad. He was meeting Kath Koschel, Gus and Vicky Worland. they talked about lots of grown up stuff and talked for ages. I didn’t interrupt even though I was starving!

August 10,2020 at 10:44am Kath

I found $100 on the ground and I took it straight to lost property.

August 07,2020 at 11:58am Gemma

Empathy to others.

July 31,2020 at 9:25am simon

A simple thing – someone dropped their train ticket and didnt notice, so I picked it up and ran after them and gave it to them.

July 28,2020 at 9:54am Ann

My beautiful friend Gaylene kindly made cafe bags for her neighbours. She filled them with love, lemons, mandarines and slices with a card of kindness at this time during Lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne, Australia.
She delivered each and was greeted by grateful neighbours. During her drop offs she discovered that her neighbours husband had passed away so they shared a tear together.
I was so impressed by her kindness for others. 💕

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