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January 26,2020 at 1:22pm Kylie Harris

Recently on a cruise and helped an elderly couple with their phone, made a connection with the lady and we high fived – there was a reason she came into my life ❤

January 26,2020 at 1:22pm Rachael

Leading my VSA group 🙂

January 26,2020 at 1:22pm Emmerson

Donating my time to pack and sort boxes at Mission Shop

January 26,2020 at 1:21pm Ella

Volunteered and helped sort clothes at Vinnes

January 26,2020 at 1:21pm Matt Keith

Our neighbor has a grapefruit tree and every year they place a box full of fruit out for all of their neighbors to enjoy for free 🙂

January 24,2020 at 9:36am Jenifer

My parents helped out our family friends by recharging their car on a hot day.

January 24,2020 at 9:36am Jenifer

I gave my friend a compliment

January 23,2020 at 11:28am Brooke

helped an elderly person

January 23,2020 at 11:28am Courtney M

Noticed a lady in the supermarket take her elderly neighbours groceries home for her as she was walking and struggling.

January 23,2020 at 11:28am Judith Leuenberger

Checking on colleagues that I knew were having a rough time. Inviting them out for coffee talking to them and encouraging them to get out and get involved in things.

January 23,2020 at 11:27am Rosey Nathan

I have a friend going through a tough time of life transition (separation, moved city, looking for a new job) so I spent some time planning with her and gifted 3 kindle books that she will receive this morning that will hopefully inspire and remind her of her worth to take these next steps boldly

January 23,2020 at 11:27am Jennifer Matz

Packed up a bunch of boxes of household items/clothing to donate to a local establishment.