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October 25,2021 at 7:06pm Matt

Drove my Father Inlaw to the Northern Beaches Hospital for his check-up.

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm teresa

We can give out gifts to our favorite teachers/staff or help them around the room.

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm cassy

I opened the door for a elderly woman.

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm Makinzie B

I help my dad clean.

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm KF

Sending a friend going through a tough time a bunch of flowers to brighten her day.

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm Finkelstein Barbara

The is a really young homeless boy called Lachlan that begs outside my local supermarket & he is always very polite & friendly & I always get him to help me put my shopping in my car so we can also talk & then he can take it back & get the $5 I give him everything I see him . He has started to use ice again but he is not a angry ice addict I want to take him home & let him have a shower a good mean & a long comfy sleep but I am too afraid so I just help him with friendly words … he always looks so tired because he is mentally pschycially & I guess spirituality too … he looked cold & I asked him if I could get him a jacket he said yeah that would be great .. we just got out if the longest lockdown in the world & retail shops still are not open so I asked on buy nothing free & a lady gave me a Tull bag of her teenage sons clothes the were a perfect fit & all really warm nice good clothes not rags which some people think these people deserve he put 1 jumper right on under his old top but I think if he is dressed too nice no one will give he any money … I do not judge him because I do not walk in his shoes I wish for him recovery & a forever home ♡

October 25,2021 at 7:05pm Lyndel

Bought a random person a coffee

October 25,2021 at 7:04pm Lyndel Abbott

I picked up another dog’s poo at the park. It was risky business – I was down to my last poo-bag. It could have been a take one/leave one situation. But thankfully my pooch decided it was not a two-poo kind of a morning. So we came out on top…I guess.

October 25,2021 at 7:04pm Taneka Bennett aka Triibol

I created the song Love Matters Most for the world and have invited others to spread the love and to be more loving and more kind. https://youtu.be/d7Gjky7s_RY

October 25,2021 at 7:04pm Rachel Troy

Made my son’s most favourite dinner.

October 25,2021 at 7:03pm Martin J

Sent some flowers and chocolates to our employee who looked like (on Zoom) she was having a challenging day home schooling kids while also trying to work for us from home.

October 11,2021 at 8:17pm Carly J

Each morning when my Mum and I walk the dogs she says ‘Good Morning’ to everyone she passes. Then she compliments all of the people she sees running. This morning it made a man so happy, because he’d managed a personal best and could run 3 laps of the park without stopping!