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September 16,2020 at 11:35am Karen

My family and I fostered a street cat with a broken leg, to keep him safe and loved while his leg heals.

September 15,2020 at 12:03pm Paul

Shared Kindness Factory with my parents, brother and sister and their families, as well as my son’s school

September 14,2020 at 9:01am Amelia

Fundraised $975 for the Kids’ Cancer Project

September 14,2020 at 9:00am Nikish Thapa

I listen to my students from previous school. I am available for them whenever they need me.

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm Kate

Today, I complimented my science teacher, thanking him for the great work and help he always provides us with, and also spending the time with me to help me further my knowledge.

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm Ruby

I found a phone on the front drive and I gave it to Ms Pauley.

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm Molly

I helped my sister with her homework

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm laura

Having my friends bring chocolate, lollies and flowers for my birthday

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm clem

i told sophia her hair looked really nice

September 10,2020 at 3:38pm Sophia Todd

I complimented someone.

September 10,2020 at 3:37pm ALLY D

i saw one of my really close friends on the weekend and it was very fun! and i made them smile

September 10,2020 at 3:37pm Siena Mellino

It was one of my friends birthday’s and I bought her a bouquet of flowers and that bought a smile to her face which made me so happy.