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June 03,2021 at 10:52am Lauren and Gaynor

Lauren- Kissed Grace goodbye and said have a good day
Gaynor- Helped a friend when she fell over

June 03,2021 at 10:52am Grace and Lennie

Everyone made the girls feel welcome at Seagrass.

June 03,2021 at 10:52am lauren hagebols

Telling my husband he looks nice today.

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Mia and Zach

Mia- when I was 7 I play with my baby cousin.
Zach- I hug my sister when she’s hurt

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Soraya and Saia

Soraya-being kind to people that I don’t know.
Saia-helping a injured person.

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Lucy and Hugo

Hugo:helping my friend
When he is down.

Lucy:helping my friend
when she is sad.

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Tasmyn and Sharnette

Sharnette: I played with my little baby sister
Tasmyn- my sister was getting ready for a party and i said you look beautiful

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Dexter and Kendal

Dexter- caring for each other.
Kendal-helping your friend.

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Claire and Finn

Claire- I help my friend learn jump of the tires went she was scared .
Finn- yesterday i helped my friend.

June 03,2021 at 10:51am Casey and Bronte

Casey-Helping my friend get up 🙂
Bronte-helping others when they fall over 🙂

June 03,2021 at 10:50am Jesse and Chad

Jesse- giving mum a hug before going to school
Chad- giving mum a hug before going to school

June 03,2021 at 10:50am lauren hagebols

Wishing my children the best on their first day.