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February 21,2020 at 9:23am Oden Woolley

I gave out $20 the other day.

February 20,2020 at 11:37am Georgia

Listening and being there for friends who are going through tough times and offering advice.

February 20,2020 at 11:36am Simone Cosgriff

Local donut guy gave me a huge box of donuts as he hadn’t seen me for ages…and then when i went out to go to my car i passed a man who had just had his car kicked in and windscreen smashed by a random angry teenager that he didn’t even know!!

February 20,2020 at 11:36am Simone Cosgriff

i was given a tray of free donuts and then saw a couple who had just had their car kicked in by a random angry teenager so i gave them the box of donuts for their kids who were pretty shaken up by the whole crazy episode!

February 20,2020 at 11:36am Simon Anderson

Was walking to work and this tiny woman comes up and goes ‘are you in a hurry?’

I was like ‘no I guess not’ thinking it was directions.

Turns out someone had rear ended her as she was driving to her second day at Canberra Institute of Technology. She’d managed to drive off the main road and park on an off street but her car was driving weird and she was a bit flustered.

So I offered to drive her car to see if it was ok. It wasn’t great, steering was very off. She told me her name was Cho, she worked as a chef and was a bit concerned with what to do next because her English wasn’t very good. I got her to CIT and told her what she needs to do next, starting with a call to NRMA.

Anyway, dropped her off and she said if I come to her restaurant in Bungendore I can eat for free 😂

February 18,2020 at 7:06pm Fiona

I sponsor a little boy in the Tibetan Children’s Village (Dharamsala, India) so he can grow up knowing his native language and the truthful history of his country.

February 18,2020 at 7:06pm Ljiljana Kovacevic

Giving support and empathy in times of despair with no judgment, being present and actively listening in order to help in anyway I can, a hug, a smile, a positive message.

February 18,2020 at 9:33am Leanne

I cleaned someones else when they were injured

February 17,2020 at 1:12pm Ashley

I went to my modelling agency and every single girl was incredibly kind to everyone

February 17,2020 at 10:16am Taylah Stewart

A few weeks ago I planted a seed in a container for 30 of my school friends to give to them with the new year, when I returned to school and packaged them up a sprout in each had bloomed. They loved them!

February 15,2020 at 6:56pm Ella M

Giving someone a valentines day card 🙂

February 15,2020 at 6:56pm Abbey

Helping teachers cook and create for Valentine’s Day.