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June 05,2020 at 12:51pm Sally Pedlow

During the 2020 covid pandemic i organised a random act of kindness challenge for my team at work throughout the month of may. we had to be sneaky and secret, and deliver our RAKchallenge without our person finding out who gave it to them. very challenging (and fun!) given working from home requirements and the like

June 03,2020 at 1:58pm Laura

Spread awareness of the Kindness Factory by showing our Christian Service Learning Coordinator this website. She will spread the word to our students.

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm Zach

I cut the grass for my neighbour, and pluck the weeds for him.

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm Michael Barakat

I gave someone a compliment

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm Jeremy

I will acknowledge someone and encourage them.

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm Tony Khoury

Gave a homeless person food to eat

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm hi

helping mates who are struggling with classwork

June 03,2020 at 1:57pm Zachary Sadsad

complimenting my friend and hyping them up

June 03,2020 at 1:56pm John Higgins

We came back from school and we high fived

June 03,2020 at 1:56pm Josh

I helped my sister to study even though I had other things I needed to be working on, she needed help as her exam was in a few days so I offered to help her. After I helped her she acknowledged that I helped her and thanked me for helping her with the work.

June 03,2020 at 1:56pm Aaron Byrne

I helped an elderly lady cross a busy road at a busy intersection and held her shopping bags

June 03,2020 at 1:56pm Jared

Volunteering in the church to help with sound engineering