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October 16,2019 at 2:46am Jane

Today I saw an elderly woman struggling with her shopping bags while walking home on crutches. So I stopped and went back and offered her a lift in my car. She said she was happy to walk so instead I carried her shopping and learnt a very little about her life and her family after leaving the Czech Republic. She invited me in for tea and told me I deserved to find a good man for a husband, I left with the biggest smile on my face

October 16,2019 at 2:45am Brett Mc Leod

A person was in need of a lift 200klm from Mackay to Moranbah. I was going that way for work so happy to help 🙂

October 15,2019 at 12:47am Jarrod Bird

Have raised over $500 through mates and family for the Black Dog Institute to help men battle depression and anxiety.

October 15,2019 at 12:47am Natalia rougas

I went to year 7 school camp this year and all the students had to pair up for kayaking. I had many friends to choose from but realised I wanted to do something kind so I straight away chose a child with special needs. I knew he might be left out beacuse of his autism and not having close friends around. The teachers congratulated me for being so thoughtful and kind. The kayaking was so much fun, he splashed water on me the whole time and we ended up falling into the water many times but we didn’t stop laughing, I will never forget the joy and fun we had.

October 10,2019 at 10:26am Nigel Farnham

After your session with us miners today.
My dad sleds this was on the phone with me to buy a car… a fellow I shared a fever with that evening told me he overheard my talk with my son… he wanted to tell me I was a good dad. 🙂

October 10,2019 at 10:24am Flynn Thomasson

Baked brownies for my team.

October 09,2019 at 12:45am Luke Holt

Me and my friend split the $112.24 bill of someone’s shopping, we found out that the lady we helped works at a nursing home her mother is in hospital

October 08,2019 at 5:59am 3 Gold

Members of our class picked up rubbish to make our school a tidy place.

October 08,2019 at 5:59am Sarah Johnson

As a school we committed to completing 150 Random Acts of Kindness across our College last term. Our final number of Kindness Acts was 165!!!

October 08,2019 at 5:59am Justin

I let a grandfather and his 2 grandchildren in front of me to catch a bus.

October 07,2019 at 12:00am Blake

Helped stack an elderly lady and her disabled daughters heavy items into the back of their car.

October 05,2019 at 11:55am Petra

I didn’t have enough cash for some jars in a shop. My daughter needed them for a science experiment. The lovely lady in the shop gave them to me for free. So kind and made our day!