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March 05,2021 at 3:14pm Paul

Gave some neighbourly friends a bag of dry dog food for their new puppy

March 05,2021 at 3:12pm Paul

Gave a 10kg bag of puppy dog food to some neighbours for their new family member

March 05,2021 at 3:11pm KH

Ms. HM gave me some painkillers when I wasn’t feeling well!

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm CD

I helped shovel the driveway for my grandmother.

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm Nathaniel P

Replaced an unsafe light switch for a family member.

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm Ms. Harkins

I walked my neighbor’s dog when they were at work all day.

March 05,2021 at 3:10pm Gaby

I hugged my dogs

March 05,2021 at 3:09pm Jonathan

I gave tissues to the new student who teared up in class

March 05,2021 at 3:09pm Nick Torres

When I got a stomach ache my mom keep me accompany and cooked my favorite dishes for me

March 05,2021 at 3:09pm Mr. Collins

A student dropped their bowl of cereal on the ground and I helped them clean it up.

March 05,2021 at 3:09pm KJU

I helped one of my friends out with their homework that they could not complete and were having a lot of trouble on.

March 05,2021 at 3:08pm Maranda Lee

Bought food from wawa for a homeless man and made meals on thanksgiving to give out.