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September 22,2021 at 4:36pm Paul

Sent flowers to friends whose daughter is unwell

September 22,2021 at 4:36pm Nina Wright

Gave someone a textbook to help them with their studies, as well as other research/learning materials.

September 22,2021 at 4:36pm Hugh McKay

Twice a week walking with my widower brother-in-law who is living alone during Lockdown and buying him a coffee and cake.

September 22,2021 at 4:36pm kelly clark

My daughter and I made cookies for our neighbours

September 22,2021 at 4:35pm Louise Sheather

Year 2 of supporting a child through the Smith Family.

September 22,2021 at 4:35pm Andre

I arranged a thank you card and gift voucher to our Auskick coach. He did a great job despite the impacts of covid restrictions. Our boys had a great introduction to the great game of Aussie rules football.

September 22,2021 at 4:35pm Hugh McKay

Getting a workmate who is on her own at home all day every day out for a walk and buying her a coffee.

September 22,2021 at 4:35pm Tim Renaud

Gave a stranger a face mask at takeaway restaurant so they could get their order

September 22,2021 at 4:35pm Paul Kulkens

My wife donated money to Food Bank for them to put some food packages together for those needing help during COVID

September 05,2021 at 7:51pm Paul

Organised a KudoBoard and flowers for friend in NZ going through chemo

September 05,2021 at 7:51pm Jude Batrac

Rallied my friends and we wrote 14 letters (which included a small surprise in each), to get our friend through 14 lonely days in the Darwin Quarantine camp.

August 16,2021 at 4:25pm Paul Kulkens

Weeded and sprayed the next door neighbour’s front garden again