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November 21,2019 at 3:47pm Courtney M

My 7 year old nephew raided my wallet taking my coins to play a game – he didn’t have enough for the game but held onto the money. We went into Macca’s for McHappy Day, I was approached by a volunteer with a donation tin, straight away he said he would put ALL of his coins in the tin. He had no money left . What a kid!

November 21,2019 at 3:46pm Courtney M

Along with our CR program, one of our offices decided that instead of Secret Santa, they would donate to the funds to a charity that we partner with.

November 21,2019 at 3:46pm Courtney M

Organised one of our sites at work to do a fundraiser for the RFS.

November 21,2019 at 3:46pm allya

I offered 20c to an elderly man who was short on money and couldn’t buy what he needed.

November 20,2019 at 1:17pm Joe Ho

Bought a coffee for my colleague

November 20,2019 at 1:16pm joe ho

Give way to another car in a very difficult situation for him to get out

November 20,2019 at 1:15pm Joe Ho

Wish my friends luck for his exam!

November 20,2019 at 1:15pm Joe Ho

Donate a ball to futsal group

November 20,2019 at 1:14pm Pallavi

Helped local school with school garden and kids to know the importance of trees…. during their recess

November 20,2019 at 1:14pm Joe Ho

Lend my IELST books for my friends to prepare his English test

November 20,2019 at 1:13pm Amy

Walking between buildings at work carrying a bowl of jelly beans an elderly couple were headed my way. I offered them some and they both smiled, each picking out a black jelly bean while saying ‘who doesn’t love the black jelly beans’ thanked me for being kind and we went on our way.

November 20,2019 at 1:13pm Amy

A colleague was called up to receive an an award so I smiled and High fived him on his way past me 🙂