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October 30,2020 at 4:46pm Lauren Small

I’ll be stopping by Woolies to pick up basic groceries and baby essentials to drop off at Norther Beaches Co-op, they do an amazing job of passing on much needed supplies to the likes of The Salvation Army, Mission Australia, The Community Pantry, The Burdekin Association and the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

October 30,2020 at 12:22pm Breanna

Volunteered my time helping students with math homework.

October 30,2020 at 12:21pm Vikki Friscic

I will purchase and donate toys for the Backpacks for SA Kids Christmas fundraiser

October 29,2020 at 7:42pm Jen Douneen

Sent a $100 Woolies voucher to a young mum (on mat leave) & her husband has just lost his job

October 29,2020 at 8:45am Vartika

Sent my friend some treats to cheer her up as she was stood down from her job due to Covid

October 29,2020 at 8:45am Ellie

Stopped to give an old bloke a lift. Turns out the old bloke was Tom Mooney and owns the rails. He invited me and the family for a free night at our favourite pub!

October 27,2020 at 2:17pm Katie Allman

Helped a neighbour collect 10c recyclable bottles as she’d lost her job at the start of covid & listened to challenging story of the impact covid has had on her.

October 27,2020 at 2:17pm Karine

Visited a friend who is overdue for her baby and brought her lunch to keep her company at home.

October 27,2020 at 2:17pm Erin

helped a stranger struggling with her double pram and shopping to get to her car.

October 27,2020 at 2:17pm Megs

I helped an elderly woman struggling with her shopping trolley to take it down the stairs for her

October 27,2020 at 2:17pm Chez

Cleaned my friend’s apartment as he’s been made redundant and is working two jobs to keep up and has no time to clean himself.

October 26,2020 at 1:37pm Karolina

Recently a family friend lost her husband suddenly. She has experience grief before with the loss of her father and brother both passing at a young age. However each grief is different. I recently discovered “Grief – a guided Journal” by Jo Betz and arranged to send it to my friend as a surprise gift.