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April 23,2022 at 11:10am Anson Street School

Wished my daughter good luck for an application today.

April 23,2022 at 11:10am Trish

I told a little old lady how nice her perfume was.

April 23,2022 at 11:09am Anson Street School

Gave my girl friend a hug.

April 23,2022 at 11:09am Sarah Angus

Lining up to buy lunch, I let a mum and her son in front my me. They chose their items, but at the counter, the mother realised she didn’t have her wallet. I paid for her and her son’s sushi on top of mine. Easy for me but made her day!

April 23,2022 at 11:08am Deb

Being present for a neighbour and reminding them they need to look after themselves before they can be there for others. That they need to do something that makes them happy. Not doing it for others.

April 23,2022 at 11:08am Julie Haydon

Helping a person who lost everything in floods by washing all her precious clothes and belongings

April 23,2022 at 11:08am Garry

Whilst driving through Willcannia I noticed two kids kicking and passing a football. The ball got stuck in a tree, so I helped get the ball out of the tree.

April 23,2022 at 11:08am Darren

Giving a homeless man some food and water.

April 23,2022 at 11:08am Barbarah

Added $50 to a young mums electricity account.

Also sent a parcel of crafty things to a lady on an isolated island in Alaska

April 23,2022 at 11:07am Julie McCaughan

I was at a busy venue and I saw a lady take something out of her purse and $50 dropped onto the ground which she was not aware of.
I returned the money to her

April 23,2022 at 11:07am Ni Luh Gede Sundhias Larashati

I helped my niece to pay for her rent and school supplies.

April 23,2022 at 11:07am Mario

Wishing a blast Friday to everyone in WA Group.
Wishing a good fasting day to brothers and sisters who fast during Ramadhan fasting month.