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July 12,2022 at 4:06pm Audrey Lieschke

Wrapped boxes for the carevan

July 12,2022 at 4:06pm Scarlet Galvin

Every time I have money and order from the canteen I buy jack some lunch as well.

July 12,2022 at 4:05pm Jess

I gave extra to a small friends business.

July 12,2022 at 4:05pm mia mulkearns

I gave my bus driver a flower from my garden everyday for a week

July 12,2022 at 4:05pm Audrey

did a handshake with will 🙂

July 12,2022 at 4:05pm Abbey

there was a new mother with her newborn and it was crying, everyone was looking at her and judging her cause she couldn’t get it to stop so I went over to her held her baby for her while she sorted out some stuff and let her know that she was doing the best she could etc.

July 12,2022 at 4:05pm Mia

I am taking care of my neighbors horses and dogs while they are away

July 12,2022 at 4:04pm kevin parken

helping homeless people

July 12,2022 at 4:04pm Kate

I used most of my saved Christmas money to provide new clothing for homeless men.

July 12,2022 at 4:04pm Krystal Eggins

A lady who lives in the set of townhouses I’m in, came to see if I knew who owned a car that had diagonally parked behind the row of car spaces and she couldn’t get out and was now running late for work, instead of just saying, sorry, no I don’t, I asked if I could help her reverse by telling her to stop, start, turn so not to hit the other cars.
She was able to reverse out and get going to work.

July 12,2022 at 4:04pm Jack

I helped my sister know how to use the kindness factory

July 12,2022 at 4:04pm Rachel Preston

My good friend passed away last week after a short battle with cancer 🙁 The day he passed away I was obviously feeling very sad but I decided to turn my bad day into a good day for someone else. So I took $50 cash, put it in a card and wrote a little note about my friend and how I wanted to honour his memory. I then placed the card on the windscreen of a random car at my local shopping centre. I hope that my $50 went to someone who needed it and would pass on the kindness to someone else one day 🙂 RIP Pete xx