We’re excited to let you know that we’ve been working with some other incredible companies to celebrate welcoming week in the USA! Join us with Upwardly Global and Welcoming America on September 13- 22, 2019 as we present to you our new #TeamWorks campaign.



Let’s build inclusive teams and connections that work.

The inspiration behind #TeamWorks is simple: When people feel like they are valued and belong, they bring their best to their workplaces. Acts of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion build vibrant, innovative workplaces.


Put #TeamWorks to work at your company!

The #TeamWorks campaign launches during Welcoming Week (September 13-22, 2019) and encourages people to engage in acts of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion to ensure that their co-workers — regardless of race, national origin, religion, age, ability, status, gender, or sexual orientation — feel connected and valued in their workplaces. The campaign cultivates welcoming workplace communities across borders and industries by inviting employees to demonstrate that, when we are inclusive and kind in the workplace, we ensure that #TeamWorks!


#TeamWorks builds on:

  • Upwardly Global’s two decades of experience championing the talents that immigrant and refugee professionals bring to the U.S. workforce.
  • Welcoming America’s support and celebration of inclusive communities and economies that welcome and attract immigrants and residents of all backgrounds.
  • Kindness Factory’s work with communities, schools, employers and individuals to spread and celebrate act of kindness across the globe.


It’s easy to get involved! Follow four simple steps to show how your #TeamWorks:

  1. ACT – Use the #TeamWorks toolkit to identify simple acts of welcoming, kindness and inclusion you can do in your workplace today.
  1. SHARE – Log your acts of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion on the Kindness Factory portal. Or share a story about how you benefited from someone else’s acts of kindness: http://kindnessfactory.com/kindness-log/ 
  1. CELEBRATE – Post pictures and stories of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion in your workplace on social media. Use the hashtag #TeamWorks . Add updates to your employee newsletter. Or to share a story about how they benefited from someone else’s act. Using the hashtag #TeamWorks .
  1. INSPIRE – Tag five colleagues and encourage them to commit to an act of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion. Or ask them to share a story about how they benefited from someone else’s act using the hashtag #TeamWorks .


Together, we aim to log 2,000 examples of how #TeamWorks during Welcoming Week and beyond — celebrating simple acts of welcoming, kindness, and inclusion at companies across the globe. Taken together, these simple acts will illustrate that #TeamWorks in building welcoming and cohesive, high-performing workplaces.


#TEAMWORKS Point of contacts:

Emmanuel Imah – emmanuel@upwardlyglobal.org

Anthony Salas – anthony@welcomingamerica.org

Courtney Keith – courtney@kindnessfactory.com


Click below to download the official #TeamWorks toolkit for your workplace: