Leadership, Inspirational, Motivational – Kath Koschel – PTTOW! 2018

Kath Koschel is a remarkable young woman who has taught herself to walk on three separate occasions, defying her medical prognosis of paralysis. An ex-professional athlete, she has broken her back twice; once while playing cricket for New South Wales and once while riding her bike training for an Iron Man after recovering from her first broken back. Kath’s life is one of inspiration, resilience and utter strength.

There have been more than a few significant bumps along the way, but Kath has never let the setbacks get the better of her. With her physical and mental resilience, Kath has pulled herself through challenges that most of us could not comprehend, without letting them defy her belief that we all have the capacity to be better every day. But it’s her global movement and not for profit charity, the Kindnessfactory that really lights her up.

Founded in 2015 in memory of her deceased partner, The Kindnessfactory promotes good will all around the world on a mission to achieve one million acts of kindness.