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January 21,2019 at 10:01am Aki

My dad brought lunch for all the children at a deaf and dumb school for my birthday yesterday. I think that is the best kind of party I could ask for 🙂

January 20,2019 at 10:20am Suzanne

Ran into a distressed young man on the street in San Francisco. His phone had run out of battery while he was waiting for his mom to pick him up, only he didn’t have a way to tell her exactly where he was. So we called his mom.

January 20,2019 at 10:19am JMen

I want to share what was done for me. My son is sick and a nebulizer was prescribed and cost us $90. We are a 1 income family, so this is a lot of money to us. My older brother recruited me to help him with editing of his work. And surprised me with $40. This paid for almost half of the nebulizer, which is such a help to us. That meant so much more to me than he knows. It goes deeper than the dollar sign.

January 18,2019 at 10:03am Karen Abrahams

My colleague was having a tough day so I went and completed some of her work tasks for her without her knowing.

January 18,2019 at 12:01am Wyatt

help set up friends room

January 15,2019 at 10:42pm Kylee

Cleaned the house without my mom asking.

January 15,2019 at 10:42pm Wyatt

help pass out books in school

January 15,2019 at 10:42pm Carla

I thanked the lunch ladies

January 15,2019 at 10:41pm Gabrielle

Helped my friend at volleyball.

January 15,2019 at 10:41pm Hank Voss

I fixed the heat in my house and saved about $4,000!

January 15,2019 at 10:41pm Lea

I helped a friends with their homework.

January 15,2019 at 10:41pm Carson

Pass out books