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December 14,2018 at 4:29am Ruthy

Held the door for an elderly woman

December 14,2018 at 4:29am Wendy Frost

The guys at Midas Brothers service station in Findlay Ohio have helped my son twice with little things, they fixed a slow leak by plugging his tire for free. And they stopped what they were doing to come outside and show him how to free a stripped screw so he could change his break light. He was concerned about getting a ticket because he is in the process of joining the military. Again, they didn’t charge him. I bought the guys a large gift basket from Hickory Farms to share with meats and cheeses and gave them money to buy donuts the next day. It doesn’t seem like much so I wanted to pass on how much their great service meant to me and my family. They truly care about people and know what it takes to bring them back.

December 14,2018 at 4:28am Felicity Lubran

I was waiting in line and I let someone behind me go ahead.

December 13,2018 at 11:59pm Tameka Montgomery

I work upstairs from a Dr’s office. On my way inside one day I noticed an elderly woman being pushed in a wheelchair by her husband and she was dressed to impress, makeup and all. After holding the door open for the inspiring couple I looked at her and I said you look smashing today and I love your makeup she says “thank you honey” and then look at her husband and I said “you have an awfully hot wife”, he says with a HUGE smile on his face, “I know”.

December 13,2018 at 11:59pm Courtney M

One of the wonderful ladies who works for me just went through an amazing challenge at her gym. She is has a 1.5 year old, and she works full time, plus does so much for her family. She lost so much weight & became fitter. I asked her if she was going to continue at the gym now that the challenge was over and she said that she didn’t think she could because of the cost and the time out from her baby, She had made such a commitment to even doing the challenge having to go 3 times a week. She has some dumbells etc on her wish list for Christmas
I know that it can be extremely difficult for parents (especially with really young ones) to put their health at the top of their list, I know how hard she had worked and how great she felt about her knew look! I had a whole circuit of exercise equipment that I keep promising myself I will get back on and use again – but I thought it would be a far better home for her to use than me. She was so excited and how now set it up and can continue her fitness journey at home without any mummy guilt of going to the gym. She’s doing great!

December 12,2018 at 5:24am Kat

I introduced an amazing woman (who doesn’t know her own worth) with the director of a company and hoping she ends up working for them

December 11,2018 at 9:58pm Amanda Trutwein

I was walking down the street and saw an Amazon van with its back doors open while driving, I let him know his doors were open and he fixed it and went on. As I continued on my way I saw a package had fallen out, but the van was already gone. So I just delivered the package myself.

December 11,2018 at 4:32am Courtney

While struggling with my arms full of dog training supplies today, I made sure to hold the door for anyone behind me at all 4 community places I went.

December 11,2018 at 4:32am Autumn

I contacted my 2nd grade teacher by email from my old school. She’s very nice!!

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Elizabeth Jalette

This past week has been a very difficult week for me, and I have been greatly struggling to be happy and positive all day. However, today I saw the perfect opportunity to impact the world and save a life to make myself feel better. At the blood drive at my high school today, I decided to put aside my fear of needles and donate blood for the first time. Now I will await a text saying that part of my blood is off to save a life somewhere.

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Melissa Haug

Called my grandma to tell her I love her

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Jenn Keller

Created awareness around the brain disorder ataxia