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July 19,2019 at 1:17am Noel Livick

Helped the cleaner this morning here at work by filling up the paper towel dispensers in the toilets.

July 19,2019 at 1:17am Sandie McQuade

I saw a gentleman sitting with his grocery trolley with a sign hanging on it saying ‘Homeless, looking for work’.
I went and chatted to him for a while about how he was and if he got much work from his sign.
He was so lovely and we enjoyed our chat. I gave him all my cash – after I made sure he wouldn’t be insulted.
I also asked if I could give him a hug.
He gratefully accepted and thanked me, saying he hadn’t had one of those in a long time. I kissed his head and left.

July 17,2019 at 9:28am Junior

I was waiting in line at the supermarket with my 3 items today and the lady in front of me with her trolley full of food offered for me to go ahead of her. Thankyou

July 17,2019 at 9:26am Sia Tsoutsas

We meet with young families in need and give clothes, toys and books to children

July 11,2019 at 2:32am Jodi Osborne

My car broke down in the middle of Coogee Bay Road yesterday – a complete stranger came out of nowhere and helped me – he grabbed another guy to help push, directed traffic around me then arranged for a parking spot that i could roll into. THANK YOU

July 10,2019 at 2:03am Ricki

Helped someone to take his 2$ coin from a trolly in the supermarket

July 10,2019 at 2:03am Ricki

Bought a mum that just had twins ,a coffee

July 10,2019 at 2:03am Florence

I sent two books to the Prison Book Program using their Amazon Wishlist.

July 04,2019 at 10:12pm Florence

Yesterday my husband helped (carried) a turtle across a very busy road.

July 04,2019 at 10:11pm Courtney M

Went to my local café this morning. I have a cold, so the barista made me a lemon & honey hot tea free of charge and even put a love heart on my lid! She says she likes to take care of people.

July 04,2019 at 10:10pm Tina

Gave my dogs jacket to a homeless person in the park who had a short haired dog shivering due to chilly morning

July 02,2019 at 4:43am Suzanne

Paying for a ladies shopping as she forgot her purse