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May 23,2019 at 11:47pm Chantelle

Today my friend dropped her book,so I picked it up for her.

May 23,2019 at 9:04am Raquel

Saw a homeless man rifling through the rubbish bin looking for food, outside the place I had just bought my lunch from. I walked over and gave him my lunch. No one should be eating from the bin 🙁

May 23,2019 at 12:17am Florence

I purchased a case of Esbilac puppy milk for my local animal shelter.

May 19,2019 at 8:21am sarah

my brother and his friends went to the ilk bar when they came back they gave my a lollie pop a twey and a cry baby

May 19,2019 at 8:21am Unknown

I told my friend that she did a great job when she went on pointe (ballet) for her second time at dancing today. I also told her that she will one day master it.

May 19,2019 at 8:21am Tony

It’s not my act but an act done for me. In the way to the service station my car stalled in the middle of the road. Car after car drive by but Pic stopped and tried everything to help me. In the end I still needed a tow but he hung in there with me. Thanks Pic

May 18,2019 at 2:56am Unknown

My friend was sick, and I asked her if she was ok. I also am going to give her a gratitude letter towards her on Sunday. Hopefully it goes well!?

May 16,2019 at 10:29pm Brandi Muckenthaler

Went to one of my students after school activities!

May 16,2019 at 10:29pm Tiffiny Francis

Gave child’s teacher gift for always being amazing

May 16,2019 at 10:28pm Tiffiny Francis

Coworker needed words of encouragement to start a new job

May 16,2019 at 10:28pm Brandi Muckenthaler

Left extra copy paper for my coworkers to use!

May 16,2019 at 5:55am Helen R

Instead of putting money into the Salvation Army collection bucket at a shopping centre, I bought the dear old Salvation Army lady a takeaway cappuccino and a melting moment biscuit.