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  1. anon. says:

    Bought raffle tickets to help a local aboriginal guy get to the special games for rugby league. He is a legend! GO ALAN!

  2. Julie Roy says:

    Today you spoke in Narrabri at the Australia Day Celebrations. You are amazing, even though you have faced all this adversity, you still have the most beautiful smile!
    You brightened my day, made me feel proud to be Australian and I felt compelled to read more about you and to show my very small act of kindness – just telling you to keep doing what you are doing!!!!

    PS I guess it counts that I collected up all the breakfast plates from the people sitting with me and took them to the bin – even though they all wanted to do it for me!

  3. Nickie Flambouras says:

    My best friend had a terrible year in 2017. I brought 2 tickets to the Australian Open and invited her to come along last weekend. We spent the whole weekend doing girls stuff and watching our favourite sport, tennis.

  4. Nickie Flambouras says:

    Yesterday I went home to a very upset flatmate. I cooked her a wholesome dinner and my son and I kept her company throughout the evening. She was distracted and feeling loved going to bed.

  5. SONYA says:

    I was at Kawana Gloria Jeans – Queensland.
    I was purchasing my black coffee and behind me an elderly lady with her trolley came, I said to her.
    “Hi im paying for your coffee today”
    she was thankful and went onto order her coffee “Ill have a large latte oh is that Ok” to which I answered “you order what ever you like” she finished her order of coffee and toast, I also made sure she claimed her points on her club card.
    A really simple and inexpensive act, but an act all the same.
    This will not be the only one I am committing myself to an act of kindness every fortnight and logging each act here, I am committing myself to helping you achieve 1M acts. 🙂

  6. Noreen says:

    I spent several hours yesterday and today comforting and helping a lady who had received a fine in the mail for a car registration number that wasn’t her car. After looking into it someone had reported her number plates had been stolen and new plates were issued in her name but she still had the old plates on her car which was parked in the driveway.
    I had to involve the police, roads and maritime service, nsw services and our local member of parliament. This is on going and we have an appointment to meet with the police in the morning to try and get resolution.

  7. Allan says:

    I lent an Archaeological diggings book and an Australian Geographic book to a resident in the nursing home

  8. Peter Preller says:

    This week when walking the dog in the morning I picked up lots of glass bottles that had been left as rubbish so they didn’t end up broken and cutting someone.

  9. Frans says:

    We had a guardian with a new grade 7 at high school uniform shop today. They couldn’t afford the sport uniform at $56 and needed to do a lay bay till January. We bought the school sport uniform. Frans

  10. Frans says:

    I donated 4 suits, 8 shirts and lots of other clothing for Frankton High primary school! I am aiming to log one act of kindness per week. Cheers – Frans

  11. Alex Melville says:

    I found a phone on the ground at Westfield whilst shopping today. On the background was a picture of a little toddler so I knew the mum/dad would be stressed about getting the phone back. I held onto it while I walked around hoping someone would call before having to hand it in to information. The husband called the phone and we arranged to meet up in the shopping center. As soon as he saw me he had his arms wide open for a big thank you hug. He was so thankful and I think that big genuine hug made my day just as much as his!

  12. Geoffrey04 says:

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  13. Joshua Bowman says:

    Yesterday in the supermarket i saw a man in a wheelchair that was struggling to reach a yogurt that he wanted. I asked him if he needed any help, and he said yes. I asked him which one he wanted, and then got it for him.

  14. Aidan Love says:

    A few days ago my mum said we needed to go shopping to get a present for my brother.
    After a few hours of pain, mum said it was time to go.
    I could see she was struggling with the groceries so I decided to help.
    After that I felt so good inside and wanted to help more people.

  15. Aidan Love says:

    A few days ago I had to go shopping with my mum.
    After a few hours of pain, we left and I could see my mum needed help with the groceries.
    So I helped, and after it felt pretty good.

  16. Happytohelp says:

    Today a man who plays music told me about his wife who is in hospital having treatment for very aggressive cancer i could feel his helplessness and pain I went away and got a small gift to give his wife from me it’s not much at all but sometimes it’s just nice to know other people are thinking of you when your going through something tough❤️❤️❤️

  17. zack fallon says:

    in the school holidays i was riding my bike outside my house and i saw somewon who looked a little confused i asked him do you need some help he said yes how do you get to bondi beach, i said just go down the street and turn left a few hours later i saw the same man when i was surfing isaid hi how are you he siad good thanks for the direction

  18. Leo S says:

    I visited a very very poor kindergarten in Fiji and gave them lots of pencils and crayons. I also donated $15 to the kindergarten.

  19. Leo S says:

    I visited a very poor local village in Fiji and donated: A kite, two Rip Curl wetsuits, a yo yo, a build yourself cardboard plane, a pokemon frisbee, 6 pairs of board shorts and finally a backpack. They were so excited and grateful!

  20. Leo S says:

    I was on holiday in Fiji and there was a hermit crab race. It was $5 for a crab. The race started and my crab did not even move. Although my crab had done nothing in the first round I still payed another $5 for a second go in the race because all the money was going towards a very poor local school.

  21. Leo S says:

    When I was on a bus with my friends going to the movies I noticed there was an old lady standing holding the hand rail so I decided to offer her my seat.

  22. Loveand sunshine says:

    Wow I was so inspired hearing your story on a podcast and I had this idea I wrote a little note saying have you ever wanted to go to the mailbox and receive money instead of bills have a fantastic day I popped it in my sisters mailbox who is a single mum unfortunately she knew my handwriting but still made me feel awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Hugo says:

    There is an elderly lady across the road from where I live and she loves her garden but is not able to do it anymore so without her knowing I raked all outside her house. It felt really good when I finished knowing that one thing can change someones day.

  24. Hugo says:

    At a parkour class I saw someone that was struggling with a move that I was confident with so I helped them learn how to do it.

  25. Zack says:

    We cleaned our wardrobe and found clothes that didn’t fit anymore, then, we donated them to the Vinnies charity store.

  26. Stuart Maurice says:

    Travelling through Iceland with a group of people and I noticed 2 of the young girls arent coming to dinner each night. Food over here costs around $70ph a night so they couldnt afford it so were staying in their room living on 2 minute noodles.
    Got the tour guide to bring them to dinner tonight and put their bill on my room.

  27. Jacob says:

    My act of kindness is when I help a old man when he had dropped his key and hadn’t noticed, I picked them up for him and given them to him and he was very thankful for what i had done

  28. Steph says:

    Today I bought a lady in the office a bunch of flowers because it was her last day working in that position. She did not expect them at all. I explained that they were for her and it was because she had always been so nice to me and was always welcoming. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out and I wanted her to feel appreciated. After this she had an amazing smile on her face. So worth it.

  29. Rish says:

    A family across the road from my grandparents’ house is significantly struggling financially, and are very very close from losing everything they own. My grandparents have given up their granny flat out back, helping them house some of their most prized possessions. My grandparents have been incredibly kind and supportive in this tough time for them, and I am so proud of their continuous acts of kindness.

  30. Judah Miller says:

    i gave money to someone else cause they didn’t have enough money to get food


  31. William.booth says:

    Dear kath
    a man dropped all his credit cards and i ran after him to give them back and when he was about to hop on a bus i tapped him on the shoulder and gave them back.

    Waverley collage junior school

  32. Christian Elfes says:

    I bought my friend William Booth a cat puppet for the book fair because he didn’t have enough money for the cat puppet which is $10

  33. Tom Mcintyre says:

    I offered a friend a lift home so he did not have to walk in the rain

    Waverley College Junior School

  34. Oliver Malzard says:

    I gave my friend 80c so he could buy breakfest. He offered to pay me back but I refused

    Waverley College Junior School

  35. Otto.Hulewicz says:

    When a man was 50c away from buying something from the shop I gave the man 50c and he could by his food

  36. Lachlan Miranda says:

    someone kicked a ball into my friend, James, lunch. I had a spare $5 in my bag and i bought him lunch.

  37. Meggie Lyons says:

    I was in Dublin City and I stumbled across a homeless man, Chris. I was very interested to find out why people live on the street. Chris told me his story and it made me sad that he has to live this way, so I bought him some cheesy chips and then gave him 20 Euros so he could sleep at a hostel. He was forever greatful.

  38. Junior says:

    Friend of mine offered their support after I received some terrible family news. It means a lot just to have someone say that they are there for you

  39. Simon Anderson says:

    Had coffee with a mate and when I was leaving I gave a person my car spot and my ticket with a few hours of parking left on it

  40. Jen says:

    Recently I brought hot dinner’s for the group of homeless that occasionally use the park near us

  41. Jess L says:

    There was a girl on crutches at uni slowly hobbling through the rain. She was getting soaked so I walked her to her exam under my umbrella.

  42. Tracy says:

    Do animals count? We were travelling behind a large chicken truck the other day when a chicken fell of the back on to the road. We pulled over, waved an oncoming truck over so he wouldn’t hit her and brought her home. She has recovered well and will live out the rest of her short life (as she is an obscenely large meat chicken) in our backyard.

  43. Sheree says:

    I am loving this idea as I think there is more of a need to hear and see that people are being kind to each other! I recently offered to take a person with a disability, who had a love for the water prior to their injury, to join me on a sail! Magical afternoon of sharing and being grateful for the life I have 🙂

  44. James Morgan says:

    This happened to us immediately after we heard Kath’s story in Manly this morning and so had to lo this. We jumped in a cab from the Novatel Hotel back to the Ferry Terminal (a short distance but was pissing down) – when we got out the cab driver told us it was on the house and would no accept payment however hard we tried. Thank you again for coming and telling your story Kath today – it was utterly inspiring.

  45. Susie says:

    Drove to a nursing home 25 mins from home at 8pm at night to give a resident his repaired hearing aid so he didn’t have to go without it any longer.

  46. Patrick Bird says:

    My name is Patrick and I am 12 years old. Today we were at the shopping center and I found a ladies handbag in the car park hanging off a trolley. I told my mum and she stopped the car so I could go and get it. When I got back in the car my mum and I opened the bag and found the ladies wallet. We got her address and went to where she lived. It was a retirement village, she wasn’t there and the lady we spoke to took my mums phone number and left a message for the lady to call my mum when she got home so I could give her back the handbag. It had everything in it, her money, phone, medicine. everything.
    a little while later the lady called my mum and she came and met us so we could give her back her bag. She was really nice and very relieved that I had found it. She wants to keep in touch and see how I am going at school, she is 75, and I hope if this happens to my mum or granny that someone would do the same thing that I did. It was really nice to see the lady smile, and she gave me the biggest and tightest hug.

  47. Ang says:

    I woke early and made a large batch of fresh apple turnovers for all the workers at my work. I am their superior but I appreciate their efforts everyday and I think they appreciated fresh pastries straight from the oven just because.

  48. Mona says:

    On my semester abroad in South Africa, I used to give away food that was left over from lunch or dinner to the numerous homeless people.
    The smile on their face was indescribable and I realized that it doesn’t take much to be or make someone happy.

  49. Dreaming through Hard Times says:

    I’m going through difficulties at the moment and my wonderful boy friend makes sure that I stay positive. The really simple things like a lovely text, cooking dinner, hugs and being there in a thousand different ways when he could easily say it’s too hard and walk away like many have.

  50. Misha says:

    Gave places in a workshop I was running free to three women I care for and admire. I know that they are all at times in their life & work that a helping hand and some kindness will make a difference.

  51. Alicia Ryan Davis says:

    I stopped to offer an older lady with a walking frame an umbrella as she was caught in the rain, I wasn’t sure where she was heading but knew it would be wet and slow. We ended up chatting for about 25 minutes, umbrella useless as the wind was pretty strong, but the conversation warmed the heart!

  52. Samantha McGovern says:

    Donating money through work to help kids in the children’s royal hospital. Every little bit helps.

  53. Stranger I saw says:

    I must admit that this wasn’t me. But I wanted to share because it was an act of kindness that encouraged me, I hope it encourages you to do just the smallest thing. A drunk young girl was stumbling with her attentive boyfriend’s help. Clearly, from the park back to her shoes and the bus stop. A stranger saw them and took over her water bottle. They tried to refuse but the stranger said “you need this more”. The boyfriend was so grateful. It was beautiful to watch. There is a lot of good in people and the majority of us want to be there for each other. Thank you stranger for showing us kindness.

  54. Kath says:

    I love being kind. Even if things are tough with my own family with health or other issues there is always someone doing it tougher. I try to be grateful every day for my good and my not do good because it helps me bring empathy to others.
    I helped my brother who is going through a separation with financial and personal decisions. I spent hours on the phone with him.
    I checked on a few different friends who are going through difficult times.
    I drove my elderly parents to the terminal to see them off on their cruise ship.

  55. Tracy van Heer says:

    Elderly neighbour was worried about the back neighbour leaving their our door light on all night as it kept her awake. She says she was afraid to ask them to turn it off… so I asked them and now it’s off. One very happy elderly neighbour

  56. Jennifer Beachey says:

    This week I made 4 large tubs of nutritious and comforting soup for a darling friend who is going through chemo. For me, food covers so many bases but this time each tub was filled with love, hope, and some fresh, organic home grown ingredients. Kindness is a bit like a Zumba class. If you haven’t done it for a while you think the whole class is watching and laughing. The more often you throw out that kindness move, you will be like ‘whoa yeah, I got this’ and you and the kindness recipient will all feel soooo much better.

    The world will also feel so much better.

  57. Tanya says:

    Letting my partner’s colleague stay for a few days, feeding him good food to help him get healthy and back in his feet after many disappointments

  58. Paula Morgan says:

    There are some great people out there in this world.
    Aaron had borrowed a Uni laptop, he left it on the train – UGH – having to pay for a replacement laptop would not have been ‘hip pocket’ friendly.
    We were both relieved to when the phone rang and Aaron was advised that the laptop had been handed in to staff at Preston station.
    So, I do not know who the person is or where they live, I am very grateful for their honesty. (so is Aaron) 🙂

  59. ChrisyB says:

    Stopped and gave a lift to an elderly lady and her grandson who had been at cricket tryouts all day, while they were waiting in the pouring rain for a bus today. I might have already been running late. Their smiles were the only thanks I needed. Feels great.

  60. Jodie and Daz says:

    My husband and I decided to sponsor a child through the Smith Family.
    Hopefully our sponsorship can help change a child’s life!

  61. Alison says:

    Gave the young bloke beside me at the petrol station $20 towards his petrol and told him to have a great day!

  62. Mike F says:

    Gave up my seat on a plane so that a nervous lady flyer could have her partner sit next to her.

  63. KC says:

    Was watering the neighbours garden while they were away overseas. I gave their front garden a make over – weeded, put down mulch and used the guerney to get the tiles clean. They were so appreciative.

  64. leca says:

    Shout out to my neighbour who has cooked me dinner and a cake after my recent major surgery. What a super kind person.

  65. Kel says:

    I save the ‘free coffee and muffin’ on my local cafe loyalty card and give them to our local Big Issue vendor.

  66. (Withheld) says:

    Husband and I listed two very expensive pendant lights on Gumtree for sale, asking price $300 each (which was the rock bottom price we’d agreed to sell them for – they were worth a hell of a lot more and they were only two months old). If you’re familiar with selling items on Gumtree you’ll know there are lots of scammers, ‘buyers’ making ridiculous offers and people who you will wait around all day for, only for them to not show up. So when one very persistent lady tried to haggle me down I responded with a simple “thanks but no thanks for your offer – our price is $300 per light and you’ll note that the listing states quite clearly ‘not negotiable’.” She kept writing back, trying to haggle more and more and even making up a ludicrous story about how her house had burnt to the ground and they were left with nothing.. but she loved those lights. It didn’t make sense to me and I ignored her final response along with all of the other hagglers who’d made offers along the way. I didn’t sleep well that night – I was a very frustrated seller and annoyed that people were blatantly disregarding my ‘not negotiable’ listing. I wondered why some people even wasted their (and my) time trying to haggle prices down, sometimes for the sake of saving only a couple of dollars. I occurred to me that some people would have to be in desperate financial situations to do that… and on a whim, I decided that if someone had to resort to telling me their house had burnt down just to get a cheaper price for some bloody lights, then they should probably have them for free. I didn’t actually know whether to believe the woman – her story sounded so bizarrely untrue – but it wasn’t going to hurt me to relent and let her have the lights at her price – she would be the one that would have to live with the guilt of scamming me. So, I wrote back and said how sorry I was to hear her terrible story and that if she could make it to my house in the next few hours, she could have the lights at the lower price. She was at our house within the hour – my suspicions heightened when she and her husband arrived in a beautiful car and both immaculately groomed. ‘The cheek of some people!’ I thought to myself.. but my husband and I had already decided that if their story really had been true, we would’ve absolutely given them the lights for free anyway.. so we threw caution to the wind and helped them carry the lights to the car and gave them their cash back too. The couple were either very good actors or genuinely appreciative – how would we ever know? Either way, I was going to put this transaction behind us and never list on Gumtree again. Later that day, my curiosity got the better of me and using what I imagined was probably her ‘fake’ name on Gumtree, I googled the lady and her husband. To my absolute surprise, up came a dozen or more news stories (both in print and on the TV) about them and their house that had burnt to the ground, complete with photos and vision. It was truly heartbreaking to see what they’d lost. Every single piece of their worldly, life-long-accumulated possessions and all of their home-based business products were now reduced to ashes. Friends had been helping them to rebuild a new home on the same block.. and to wrap up the story, she had stumbled across our pendant lights on Gumtree whilst looking for other furniture items. A few months later she sent me a photo of the pendant lights hanging in their new kitchen and they really did look amazing. So it was nice to see that our random act of kindness (which I’m embarrassed to admit took some emotional effort on my part) really did help to ‘brighten’ someone elses life.

  67. Kimberley says:

    Yesterday I lost my phone. I arrived to work in the city instantly realising I had left it in my car (which I had parked not too far away at my Aunts place). The intent was to go and retrieve it earlier in the day; but due to various happenings with work, this never occurred. On returning to my car in the afternoon, my phone was nowhere to be found. With my Aunt on the case, calling my phone many times I was surely going to find it, but to no avail. Retracing my steps I recalled stopping at one stage to readjust my bag whilst I was on my way to catch the bus. With my Aunt with me, I then proceeded to knock on the doors for nearby houses to see if anyone had found my phone. One lady was extremely helpful and sweet, but hadn’t seen anything. With one last ditch effort, we tried the next door down. The lady who answered said “Yes, the lost phone; there is a note on the tree”. It turns out this kind young lady had found my phone outside this house and in turn the owner of that house wrote a note on cardboard and pinned it to tree. The note read “MOBILE PHONE FOUND HERE (with a name and number). With great awe and excitement, I called the number. After diligently checking it was indeed my phone with some security questions, it turns out this young lady was only in passing at her grandmother’s house and told me I could collect my phone only a few doors up. My Aunt had some thank you cards at home, so I wrote a note to this lady as a big thank you for her generosity and kindness. Upon retrieving my phone, we met with her grandmother who was absolutely lovely. She informed myself and my Aunt that her granddaughter had actually written notes in the same vein as the sign on the tree and placed them in all the nearby letterboxes. The grandmother also asked if we lived nearby and said she hoped to see us in the future. After a difficult couple of weeks, this amazing act which I will never forget #thekindnessofstrangers

  68. Mel E says:

    Long post but worth it.
    After the gym this morning, I saw Grant and his dog Oscar begging, who I’ve chatted to and purchased food for before. Conversation went as follows:
    “Hi Grant, hey Oscar. Not sure if you guys remember me..”
    “We remember you”.
    Got chatting about how Oscars health is and if Grant was doing alright. Said I was going to supermarket and asked if he needed anything. Grant responded “You’ve been so kind to me. I’ll be alright. Just knowing that you remember us and chat is enough today. We both ate last night and should get enough today to get us by. But I’m not able to give to others, so if you’re able to help…There’s a man outside (other cafe) he is in more need than I am today. If you’re able, can you help him instead?”
    I walked back and found Dave and Dodge who I chatted to a few weeks back. They both looked frail and exhausted. He last ate on Wednesday, fed Dodge ahead of himself yesterday and was already out of water. I asked if he liked the egg and bacon roll last time. He said it fed him and Dodge for two days but he would be grateful for anything I could get him today.
    I got him some apples, tuna cans, water and a E&B roll. As I was handing it over another man walked over and commented how sweet my gesture was. He knew Dave and also looked homeless. I overheard Dave say, “she’s fed me before and now today, she’s an angel.” He then said “you hungry mate?” As I walked away I turned and saw Dave breaking the roll in half to share with him.
    So two men who have very little to share both showed more kindness to there fellow humans than most people who have more to give do. It’s so nice to know that being friendly, and helping out a little bit is making a difference.
    I also saw another lady give another guy a bag of groceries and two litres of water. The kindness is spreading and it’s a wonderful feeling. The world needs more though, be kind, compliment people, ask how they are and really listen to others.

  69. Sam says:

    I thought about selling my sons school clothes now that he was in the next size…I deleted the ad, dropped by the kinder class and let the teacher know she could have them as back ups or for someone in need.

  70. Mel E says:

    I was going to treat myself to a manicure after going to the gym this morning. On my way I saw Dave and Dodge had just sat down to start begging for the day. I got chatting to Dave and asked if he had eaten yet. He last ate on Thursday at a free sausage sizzle. He told me he took an extra sausage but fed it to Dodge yesterday. Instead of treating myself, I treated him to some breakfast and a bottle of water, and some dog bones for Dodge. He told me that he rescued Dodge about 9 months ago from a violent owner who had burnt him with cigarettes and left a nasty leg wound untreated. Dodge is his best mate, you could see the love between them and they always find somewhere to sleep at night together so they can look out for each other. A manicure could not have made me feel this good.

  71. Mike says:

    I won a family pass to a visiting circus in a radio competition and donated it to a special school down the road from where I live.
    I thought they could give it to deserving parents, an under appreciated teacher or maybe use it as a raffle prize.

  72. Melanie says:

    #Day 21 #365 days of random acts of Kindness. Cooked a roast lamb tea for my mum and dad. #love #kindnessmakestheworldabetterplace.

  73. Melanie says:

    #Day 20 #365 Days of random acts of kindness. Volunteered to help out at a local sporting tournament for a Day. #kindness #wereontop

  74. Jo Ogden says:

    I clearly read too many books, as today is the third time in as many years I’ve had to make room in my bookshelves for new treasures to enjoy. Once again I’m taking the books I’ve read to my office where I sell them to staff, for a gold coin donation to our corporate charity Beyond Blue (www.beyondblue.org.au). NECA WA (www.neca.asn.au/wa) has proudly supported them for many years. Many staff have shared this idea and together we raise lots of much needed $ for Beyond Blue, plus encourage the love of reading and giving amongst our team. Hoping to raise even more money this year!

  75. Mel D says:

    I’ve spent 9 weeks on and off in Sydney with my mum who has been in hospital after an operation to have a tumour removed when I was browsing Facebook and a young girl had a put a call out for anyone in Sydney…. she had left very important documents on a flight so I jumped in my car drove to the airport picked up the documents upon my return to the hospital my niece handed me a wallet she found so we searched the hospital and were luckily enough to find Robyn visiting her friend in hospital Robyn and her friend now visit my mum if you ask me WERE DEF ON TOP

  76. Melanie says:

    #Day19 #365Daysofrandomactsofkindness. Purchased a $5 Smith Family Tag at a local retail shop. The money raised from the sale of these goes to support families who cannot afford to buy their children school supplies. #smallactsofkindnesschamgelives#wereontop

  77. Melanie says:

    #Day 18 #365 Days of Random Acts of Kindness. It’s extremely busy in the retail buisness thatcI work in at the moment. Our Managers are licky to remember to eat. I purchased my shift manager lunch and told her to take the time out to eat it. #kindness #wereontop #1actofkindness365daysoftheyear

  78. Melanie says:

    #Day 17 #365 Days Random acts of Kindness. Purchased some exercise books and Pencils and donated them to a local charity that makes up packages to send to 3rd World countries for Schooling programs. #Kindness #wereontop

  79. Melanie says:

    #Day 17 #365 Days Random Acts of Kindness. Whilst walking to work I noticed a lady struggling to lock her capsule into her pram. I stopped and helped and carried her bag a little way for her.

  80. Melanie says:

    #Day 15 #365 Days Random Acts of Kindness cooked my sister My specialty Vegetarian Lasange for lunch ( her favourite meal)and took it to her at the cricket so she didn’t have to worry about driving home to make lunch. #smallthings #kindness #payitforward

  81. Lyn murphy says:

    It snowed in south London and we were walking back from the pub in the snow, wind and ice, when we came across an elderly man who couldn’t keep his footing at all and was clutching a phone pole. We took an arm each and helped him home, which was a fair walk! So, snow, pub and being helpful – what more could you ask for?

  82. Melanie says:

    #Day 14 #365 Days Of Random acts of Kindness. Did some Volunteer work helping to clean up a local sporting clubs ground. #kindness

  83. Melanie says:

    #Day 13 #365 Days random acts of Kindness. Went for a walk around our local park and picked up rubbish for an hour. #beingkindtoouruniverseisimportanttoo

  84. Melanie says:

    #Day 12 #365 Days Random Acts of Kindness. Put my elderly neighbours bins out for them to save them from doing it in the morning. #kindness=Happiness

  85. Melanie says:

    #day11 #365 Days random acts of kindness. Called into my local coffee shop and gave feedback to management for a staff member that always goes above and beyond. #kindness=Happiness #payitforward

  86. Melanie says:

    #Day 10 #365 Days Of Random acts of kindness. Whilst sitting down eating my lunch I noticed a mum and her 2 children looking for a seat. I offered them mine and got my meal to go. #littlethingsmakeadifference#kindness

  87. Kelly says:

    I recently had my handbag stolen at work whilst I was in a meeting. The very kind teaching staff donated money to assist me with replacing all of my cards. I was so grateful and felt so blessed.

  88. Melanie says:

    #Day 9 #365 days of random acts of kindness. Walking to the carpark after work I checked parking metres and put $1 in each of the 5 that were expired. It’s so uplifting doing these Random acts of kindness. Kindness makes the World a Better place.

  89. Melanie says:

    #Day 8 #365 days Random acts of kindness. We have a huge festival in our town at the moment, people camping near our house I went and spoke to them and let them know if they needed any water they were welcome to use my outside tap to fill containers. #kindness #lovinglife #feelingontopoftheworld

  90. Melanie says:

    Day #7 #365 Days Random Acts of Kindness. Had a friends child for a sleepover so my friend whose been working heaps could have a relaxing evening and took them with us to a festival today whilst my friend was at work. #kindnessmakesmehappy #payitforward

  91. Sal Moylan says:

    I would like to log an act of kindness on behalf of someone. Clare Vega of (Melbourne). After doing a long leg of a road trip I got into Merimbula late last night. In my weary state I happened to leave my wallet on top of the dunny roll dispenser down at Point Beach. I didn’t realise this until I went in search for a coffee and couldn’t find my wallet. Just as I was about to turn the 4bie inside out looking for it. I get a message request on Facebook(gotta love social media ay) from Clare Vega. Letting me know she has my wallet and is currently down at the local police station. What a gem! I wanted to by Clare and her Partner a coffee but they were keen to get back on the road to Melbourne. Their kindness and good will surely has me feeling grateful! I hope they have an awesome 2017 ahead. My faith in humanity remains.

  92. Melanie says:

    Day #6 #365 days random acts of kindness. Whilst driving I noticed a ute with a trailer with indicator on trying to get out. Cars just kept driving by, I flashed my lights to indicate I was letting him out. #Takethetimetoslowdown#Kindnessmakesmehappy#payitforward#littlethings

  93. Melanie says:

    Day 5 #365 days of Random Acts of Kindness. Whilst treating myself to McDonalds for Lunch (ordering via the self serve)today I overheard a couple debating what they could buy with the $3 they had and what would be the most filling. I politely said I’d overheard them and asked them if it would be ok if I paid for their lunch and they could pick whatever they wanted, to which they accepted. The woman broke down and cried and explained they were having a tough time at the moment and that this gesture had made their day. #smallthingsmakeadifference#kindnessmakestheworldabetterplace

  94. Melanie says:

    Day #4 365 Days of Random acts of kindness. Paid for a coffee for the next person to come along and left a Kindness Card behind for them. #Little things make a difference. #lovinglife.

  95. Melanie says:

    Day #3 of #365 days of random acts of kindness. I work in a retail chain and got chatting to a customer whilst helping her find her items. One of these items were some coloured pencils, she’d found them in our catalogue as I was taking her to them she mentioned she was buying a few packets for her church group as they do up packs for refugees. Upon her I walked to my locker came back down and purchased 5 packets of the pencils she was looking at and gave them to her to donate to church group. The smile on her face made my day. #randomactsofkindness#payitforward

  96. Melanie says:

    Day 2 of 365 Random Acts Of Kindness. I have a friend who is going through a difficult time at the moment, no work due to only being casual and numbers being cut over Holiday Period. I called her to ask how she was, to listen as she cried telling me her worries and to offer advice when asked. Small Gestures can make a big difference. #randomactsofkindness

  97. Melanie says:

    Day 1 today of my 365 days Random Acts of Kindness. Christmas/New year is a busy time for many, particularly my sister this year, she is probably the most selfless person I know. Christmas and New year get togethers at her house, with her own family of 5 and her many niece and nephews. No one was asked to bring anything. So today I got busy in my kitchen and whipped her up a home made goodie hamper so she doesn’t have to cook much this week. Kindness makes me Happy.

  98. Krista says:

    My heart is full tonight as I reflect on my day. This morning while going to the cemetery to see my brother and I notice an elderly man who was falling in the ice. I luckily was there just as he fell. The man was probably in his 80s and started crying and I asked him if he was in pain. He said no. He looked at me and said I just saw an angel! And then smiled at me.

    Then when giving our recycling truck drivers timmies gift cards for Christmas the one guy driving smiled and thanked me and said it was his payment for being a few hours late. He said an elderly man was going down his driveway today and fell and hit his head badly. So bad that he stayed and helped the man! So to this driver he felt as though I paid him with kindness.

    #lovinlife #payitforward

  99. Simon Anderson says:

    Was driving home from a round of pre-Christmas golf when I saw a young bloke sprinting to make the bus. The bus went straight past him and he kept running but eventually gave up. I pulled over to see where he was heading, it was Bondi Junction, so I told him to hop in and drove him over there. Turned out he was running late for a family christmas dinner, and I got him there just in time!

  100. Lee H says:

    Contacted a cleaner at work’s line manager and gave huge thumbs up email about how great she is, worked above and beyond and deserved to be acknowledged for an outstanding job.

  101. Gail says:

    My friend Natasha knows I love giving and receiving random acts of kindness.
    Her most recent kind act to me was sharing this page with me

  102. Sam says:

    I volunteered my time to organise a fundraiser for the local school. Went off without a hitch and they’ve got some extra dollars for resources in 2017 too.

  103. Sam says:

    After a repair at my house, I called the business to provide feedback on the service I had received. Turns out the boss answered the phone and was very pleased to hear.

  104. Mel E says:

    Stopped to chat to a man and his dog begging on the street. I didn’t have any money on me to give but I introduced myself and asked about his dog, Oscar. His name was Grant and he told me that he used to be a farm hand, but he lost his job, his wife left him and now he lives in his car with Oscar and another dog which has just had pups. He spoke about some of his troubles finding homes for the pups and explained that he was worried about being able to feed them all until the pups were old enough to leave the mother. he never asked for anything and was just happy to chat. I left him and went straight to purchase a loaf of bread and some cheese for Grant, some dog and puppy food for his dogs and 3 litres of clean drinking water. When I walked back to him, he was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I shook his hand and wished him a merry Christmas. He stated that it had been a long time since someone had bothered to shake his hand and stop and talk. I think even without the food, he was grateful for the conversation.

  105. Mel E says:

    Used some Velocity points to get two $20 Coles Supermarket gift cards. Gave them to two separate people who were begging for money. Hopefully they can feed themselves for a little while.

  106. Mark Ricks says:

    Hi, We are Captain Kindness and Kindness Girl, Brand mascots for Kindness food and beverage products. We recently read a face book story of a young boy named Max, who raised over $350.00 for the RSPCA. Kindness Girl And I both went along and met Max and his proud mum at the RSPCA store in Rockhampton QLD, it was so nice to met Max and hear his story about why he wanted to help the animals. Max told us he wants them all to have a safe home, and wants them to be loved. Max now has two very special superhero friends who are on standby for him to assist his future endeavours of kindness.

  107. Ursula says:

    I would like to acknowledge Charles Boyke for his act of kindness – see below from his wife Jen

    What we do for charity we don’t shout about but I have to share one of the many things my husband has done for those in need. Upon hearing of a local family who’ve suffered tragedy after tragedy, business failures etc…not good at any time of the year esp Christmas, he phones up the wife and got her in the salon and treated her to an awesome makeover. I’m so proud to be married to such a star ⭐️.
    If you know of an organisation or charity in our community who rely on donations for such causes please post below as I came across a great one yesterday that I didn’t even know existed.
    Thankyou, Every little bit helps ❤️

  108. Sam says:

    Cars parked on both sides of the road allowing one car through at a time in a two wsy street. I waited and gave the other car a thumbs up.

  109. Dana G says:

    Participated in a Christmas toy drive and bought a gift for a child in one of Chicago’s underserved communities.

  110. Debrah says:

    Good deed for whole year done… awaiting an xray over heard a lady at the counter.try book in for a women’s breast ultrasound when they told her next available was 21st dec, and she burst in tears so went to counter and told her she could have.my appt on the 12th Dec instead I will take her 21st date…. young ladies looked so shocked at the deed I just did, and lady hugged me, all I was doing was being human….. nothing more…. but was told that I hope Karma finds you, well here’s to hoping lol

  111. Dan D says:

    I took the time to log a couple items to this beautiful effort, acknowledged my own actions ( which is harder then it seems, and an important part of the factory), and hopefully shared some simple ideas and kindness with others. Thank you Kath for turning this into a reality and good luck in your journeys.

  112. Emily says:

    Took my first week of my school holidays to care for a group of disabled children to give their families a hard earned rest.

  113. Ami says:

    A friend was going through a though time in her new home that needs renovation. We all chipped in so she was able to get some extra work done and get her dream cooker.

  114. Mel E says:

    Took the afternoon off work to support a friend in need. We sat and talked and she is now seeking the help she needs.

  115. Alexia says:

    Whilst out having coffee with my mum one afternoon we met a lovely elderly couple whom insisted we sit with them. Very quickly we began talking and ended up exchanging stories, laughing together and even agreed to make plans to meet up again in the future. As much as they told us that they were grateful to meet us I believe it was my mum and I who were privileged to meet such polite, warm hearted and honest people.

  116. Kasey says:

    A woman with a young distressed child was waiting in the doctor’s surgery when I was there recently. The doctor was running late and her appointment was after mine. I let her go in front and the smile on her face was worth the extra hours wait

  117. Kasey says:

    Helped a family manoeuvre their shopping trolley through a busy carpark while they held onto their young kids hands. Wheeled it the whole way and helped them unpack into their car

  118. Leanne Whittle says:

    It’s only a small thing but I’m told to log it anyway. When I was finished shopping at Aldi instead of getting my coin back I gave my trolley to a lady who was going in

  119. Kerryn says:

    I was Christmas shopping in the Pitt Street mall when I came across a homeless woman with a beautiful Staffy. She asked if I had a lighter, which I didn’t but I did stay and chat with her for a little while and got to play with her dog (yay!!). I told her I’d buy her a lighter and asked if she wanted lunch and a drink. She asked for an egg an lettuce sandwich and a bottle of soft drink. I took a 5 min walk to Woolies and got her those 3 items as well as some fruit and some kibble for her dog. I work nearby so I will be coming back to see how she is traveling when I can.

  120. Sam says:

    As I ordered my chai, I noticed a man and lady at the Lions table. ..offerung guft wrapping fir a donation. I asked for two drinks for them…he knew their names and what they drank and knew what I was up to as he asked, would you like me to deliver them for you…yes please! Volunteers raising money for those in need in our community. Thank you!

  121. Sam says:

    Went to the pharmacy and bought a gorgeous natural toiletry kit to donate to the family violence shelter for a mumma for Christmas. ..wrote on the card…To take care of you – because you matter x

  122. Mel E says:

    Today I took a little time to fill out a customer feedback form. The young girl I had delt with was polite, excellent at her job and very friendly. I thought it would be nice to let, not just her on-shift manager know, but also people from the corporation know just how delightful she was. I hope she gets due recognition.

  123. Jennifer says:

    We helped look after our elderly neighbour when she had a stroke. We helped her in hospital and out of hospital for 3 months during her rehabilitation.

  124. Alison ninni says:

    My dad just told me yesterday while on his way to work, he noticed an elderly lady on the side of the road, she had fallen over and grazed her arm/elbow. He stopped and helped her up checking if she was ok. She was on her way home from church and going to the bus stop. He offered to drive her home and travelled the 15mins out of his way to take her.

  125. Sharon Fulton says:

    I was talking to a new girl in the office the other week socially and she said Thank you for taking the time out to say hello and ask how i actually am doing?! Since I started work here I have only been appproached about work related issues and you’re the first person to actually say hello and how i am!! Its made my day

  126. Naomi says:

    I was struggling with my baby carrier and a kind older lady stopped and helped me clip it in. I can do it alone, with difficulty. This lady’s kind gesture made my day just a little easier. Thank you!!

  127. Bessie says:

    Staying in a hotel for work and just about to get in the lift when a lady staying at the hotel comes up to reception to say she had tripped outside and had badly cut her arm. I could see the receptionist was a bit shocked by the situation and my lifeguard background just kicked in. Reception called an ambulance while I stayed with the lady until it arrived, as she was by herself for the day while her husband was at work.

  128. Sue Amos says:

    Returned 2 golden retriever dogs into backyard of neighbours when they got out onto busy main road when owner was not home, left owner a message on Community notice facebook page to inform him they got out.

  129. Lynsey says:

    Helped a lady buckle her grandchild in to a shopping trolley. She was having issues with the fiddley clasp and getting frustrated. I stopped and did it up for her and her grandson

  130. Lynsey says:

    Helped a woman push her pram up the travelator at Broadway, the weight of the pram was pushing her back and she was sliding in her thongs back down! I pushed it to the top, she was very appreciative.

  131. Ursula says:

    Jacinta Colman delivered ladies bags of toiletries to the homeless centre donated and organised on behalf of the mother effect group

  132. Grampians Historic Tobacco Kiln says:

    Today I am volunteering at the local visitor information centre giving tourist local information so they can get the greatest experience of our area as possible. My splurge is called “the Grampians according to Karen. This time last year, I must have done my usual friendly job of giving out information that the tourist sent me a postcard when they got home to Belgium to say thank you all was well.Keep watch for more great adventures….

  133. Mel E says:

    Today was a pretty special act of kindness that took some planning. I visited the man that I can attribute my life to, Dr G. I gave him and his team a cake, thank you card…. And a hug!
    I first met Dr G in 2010 when I was in emergency and he was fighting for me to get urgent surgery and a hospital bed. He removed my clear cell sarcoma tumour with good margins and continued to fight for my diagnosis and proper care. He has since cut me open three more times and always listened when I said something’s not right.
    He is a gentle soul and without him I wouldn’t be here. I’m so grateful that I was able to show to him a healthy-version of myself and demonstrate just how much of an impact he has had on me.

  134. Julie Porter says:

    Yesterday I went to Kmart and bought a pressie to put under their christmas tree for a Nanna or Grandma out there. I really out a lot of thought in the giift so I hope you get pleasure out of it. It gave me a warm buzz in my heart to do something for someone I don’t know. Julie LOL

  135. Thecla White says:

    On Wed 7/12/16, was shopping in big w, when a woman was trying to decide on a cheap activity to do for her family for Xmas, with baubles. I told her what I did with them with the kids at playgroup. And where she could get the cheap materials to do it. A big smile was on her face, and I got a nice Thankyou.

  136. Thecla White says:

    Yesterday my good friend Amanda was going through a hard time with a situation. I’m also her neighbor. It wasn’t as important as yesterday, but almost every day, Lucas her 2 & half year old son, and my good mate, comes over to my house to give mum a well deserved break. This happens almost every day. Amanda is always apologetic, and says ” I shouldn’t have to”. But what are friends for !!! I love spending time with My mate. This is a continuous act of kindness. When I do more, I will add them to the list. This is who I am, helping others.

  137. Georgia says:

    My act of kindness occur a couple of weeks ago when I saw a homeless man sitting on the floor on my way home from school. I got some food out of my bag and gave it to him. His gratitude warmed my heart.

  138. Max says:

    took coffee to nursing staff at my local hospital who have been looking after me this last week….there smiles pretty much said i nailed it lol where would we be without nurses?

  139. Tori and Milan says:

    My partner and i had just been out for dinner. When we got back in the car, he noticed me looking at some roses in the house next to wheree we parked. The owner was at ger car in the driveway unpacking some pots and soil. My partner got out the car and asked the lady if she could cut a rose from her tree and he would pay her for it. She asked if it was for me as she noticed me sitting in the car and commenting on how lovely it was to see ‘love is still alive’. She refused to take money for the rose, so my partner slipped the $25 in her letterbox when she had turned around. I think both the kind lady and my partner both did acts of kindness on this occasion. It makes me so happy to live in a world where, yes, ‘love is still alive!’.

  140. Frank Lamendin says:

    Gave my last pot of honey to an amazing hard working teammate at work coming from overseas waiting for a visa to live his dreams in Australia

  141. Mel says:

    A friend was just having a really hard time. So to just give her some time to breathe I went online and placed a pizza order and had it delivered to her house. With two small kids it was just the break she needed.

  142. Tammy McMillan says:

    Named Kath Koschel as the athlete that inspires me for our Australian All Stars game this weekend. She is the absolute epitome of a hard working, kind-hearted and beautiful human being.

  143. Cathie Bloor says:

    Gave $50 to a distressed woman in Carlton who needed petrol to get to hospital to visit her daughter.

  144. Mel E says:

    Gave a box M&Ms to a flight crew while on a work trip, it had been a long and hot day at the airport and I’m sure they were dealing with some cranky passengers. Hopefully this showed they were appreciated.

  145. Daniel says:

    Took my daughter to Kmart to buy a Christmas present for someone her age (almost 3) to get her into the spirit of giving to those who don’t have what she has. Wrapped it and she put it under the wishing tree in store

  146. Mel E says:

    Left a post-it note to say that I appreciate the work of a team member today. I’m not in the office tomorrow, but hopefully she’ll get a smile out of it.

  147. Mel E says:

    Gave a thank you card and small box of chocolates to my footy trainer. Even though it is the off-season, I wanted to let her know that I have appreciated having her there to patch up my injuries for the past four years, and to thank her for being a friend.

  148. Caroline says:

    Gave a guy who lost track of his wallet on his first day in a new job, in Australia to learn English, $20 to get a cab so he could get back to the office before they close.

  149. Anna says:

    Gave a family some cash while walking past a Maccas drive through. They didn’t believe I wanted to pay for their meal but it made their night.

  150. Mel Emerton says:

    Paid for a loaf of bread and a packet of biscuits for a lady at the petrol station who had left her wallet in the car x

  151. Mel Emerton says:

    Day 1 of my 12 Acts of kindness.
    On Thursday I saw a Facebook post from an old school friend who is going through a particularly tough time. Having been through something similar, I reached out to her to tell her I thought she was super brave. I then opened up about my experience to her and suggested a few things that had worked for me. She replied and seemed so grateful that I had taken the time to see how she was going, even though we live in different states.
    We have messaged back and forth and it feels great to know I’m helping someone feel like they aren’t alone and what they are feeling is totally fine in the circumstances.

  152. Kate says:

    Grocery shopping this morning and the mother at the next register had no cash and her card was declined. Quietly paid for her groceries She asked for my number to pay me back but I told her instead to pass it forward and come here and also log her act !

  153. Cath says:

    Two months ago I had a special numbered birthday and my son organised a wonderful surprise with some family and friends at a local restaurant. Majority of family live interstate and when away with them last month they too organised a lovely surprise bbq. Two wonderful acts of kindness.

  154. Lillian says:

    Being a stand in date for a good friend and making sure she had the time of her life.

    Nothing beats a smile from the soul and we can all give this gift…

  155. Hannah Stobbs says:

    On my way to Brighton (England) to visit a few friends I walked past a homeless person on the way to Watford Junction station. I rooted around in my purse to see if I had a spare pound to get him a coffee. I had nothing. What I did have on my back was a sleeping bag. I gave it to him cause he could see his own breath and was shivering. I was in a rush for my train so didn’t stop to chat properly and didnt eveb catch his name but hope that man is a little warmer today. Missed my train but I can get the next one and still catch my train from London Bridge.

    On the train now remembering that kindness is king.

    We’re on top

  156. Meralyn says:

    A friend of a friend,is making up gift bags for homeless women and children. I made some crocheted items and posted them to him so that he could add some pretty things to the bags.

  157. Kim says:

    Boarded a Qantas flight and gave the welcoming crew member a box of maltessers to share between them, they do a great job and not always an easy one

  158. Susan W says:

    Went to Bunnings today and noticed the BBQ was for a veterans association. Not a fan of sausages so I asked for a sausage sandwich with no sausage and no bread and gave them a $2.50 donation as well as a laugh.

  159. Simon Anderson says:

    My dad dropped off a hand trolley before I had to move house, and came across a lady in our carpark who had a bunch of things she needed moved. Dad was on the way to a meeting, so I gave her a hand getting everything upstairs with the newly delivered hand trolley!

  160. Grace Gladwin says:

    Tonight my little act of kindness was to sing a song called humble and kind at the launch of the kindness crews advent calendar launch. #stayhumbleandkind. Me and my mum met Cath whose story nearly made us cry. Cath you are inspiring x

  161. CP says:

    Taken my dear mate out the past coupe of months and bought her a few meals because she is having a few financial problems lately.

  162. Susan W says:

    Long time no post. Acts of kindness have been happening I just forget to share them.
    On Sunday last my grocery delivery arrived during the last lap of the Bathurst 1000. Not wanting to miss the end, I invited the delivery driver, who’d been listening to the race on the radio all shift, inside the lounge room to watch the last lap with me so neither of us missed out. A random act of random kindness! Looking forward meeting you at the Kindness Calender launch in Wollongong.

  163. Anonymous says:

    I had a very close friend pass away at age 20 from brain cancer a few years ago. Today I randomly came across a link to a fundraising page I created for the City2Surf in 2013 to raise money for a research organisation called Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group (SNOG) that my friend’s family are huge supporters of. On the day of the City2Surf, a group of friends had all come together to run in support of our mate, when I received a call with 3kms to go that my friend had died that morning. I haven’t been able to bring myself to do the run since – however, after randomly coming across the old fundraising page today, I remember why I did the run, and what myself and others gained from it – kindness. I wanted to log the almost 50 acts of kindness of my friends and family that helped me to raise almost $6,000 for SNOG. Reading the comments people left with their generous donations made me tear up – things such as “Well done Alex” etc. But the thing is, I think THEY are the ones that deserve the credit – most of my family and family friends who donated had never even met my friend, yet each one showed great kindness and support. I’d also like to log the acts of my friends that day who came together as a team to support our friend. So much kindness from a sad situation. A few weeks after his death, my friend’s mum gave me a gift her son had bought to give me as thanks for organising the fundraising and supporting him – even when he was incredibly sick, he was still thinking of others. Definition of a kind, loving person, and I wanted to share all of that here – hopefully it can lift someone’s spirits and make them smile as it did for me today.

  164. Meralyn says:

    Whilst on holidays at Lord Howe Island, i learnt about the Boomerang Bag project. This project is a community driven initiative to reduce the use of plastic bags. The bags are made by volunteers in the local community who use recycled materials. During my time on this beautiful Island, i spent several hours ironing the recycled material so that other volunteers could continue to do their bit with the bags.

  165. Deb P says:

    Last week I caught up with my dear friend Hay Lam who told me about Kath’s extraordinary journey. On the weekend we sold some doors via Gumtree to an unknown couple who came from country Victoria to pick up the bargain. Upon meeting them, this lovely couple told me they had 8 (yes 8!) kids between the ages of 1 and 17 years old. Just four weeks weeks ago their 9th baby died two days after birth. My husband and I gave them a small truckload of other stuff for free to help them build their dream home from reclaimed building materials.

  166. Stuart says:

    I bought a stranger a coffee because it was a cash only cafe and they only had a card…. I asked her to pay it forward this week and she couldn’t wait to buy a stranger a coffee!

  167. Kate Kendrick says:

    So, our coffee van (Mopoke Coffee) has been parked in the car park of a local hotel for three weeks now. Sales have been amazing and our customers have been awesome.

    One customer in particular caught our attention. We know his real name, but let’s call him ‘Joe’. Joe is one of our earliest customers and always orders a latte. Joe’s shoes are worn through and you can see his toes. He keeps all of his possessions zipped into his jacket and he sleeps in the car park. Joe always tries to pay for his coffee and we always give him a free cup. Extra warm. With a love heart on top 🙂

    When Brad, one of our awesome customers, asked about Joe’s plight, we told him the story of Joe’s cold nights in the car park and our efforts to warm him up a little. Brad immediately asked if he could buy a cup for Joe too. So began Mopoke’s Pay It Forward promise.

    Customers have begun donating their completed loyalty cards back to Mopoke to Pay Forward. Other customers have paid for extra coffees. Joe has received ten donated cups of coffee and has 23 more waiting. When you work it out, that’s a LOT of generosity for only 20 days of operation.

    People are kind.

  168. ChrisyB says:

    Gave a box of knitted beanies for premmie babies to Kath to be donated to a hospital of her choice and a small donation collected from donations made for providing tea and coffee.

  169. Tess Dulka says:

    Helped a friend out whose husband has a severely broken leg. Got the gardener to mow their lawns for them, and I did a big shop for them too. Took their little dog to the groomers. Just being there for them when they need something or just want to talk.

  170. Josh says:

    Was walking my dog last week and saw a 12-13 yr old boy crying on the same path. Could have easily walked by and left him to it but asked him what was wrong. Said he had lost his phone and must’ve dropped it walking. He was distraught. I helped him backtrack his steps and eventually we found it before it got dark. It doesn’t take much to show some kindness and help someone out but its a great feeling. Something small but he was so happy and grateful for it and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face knowing I’d helped someone so much by doing something so little.

  171. Natalie says:

    Last night out at dinner my little boy Yanko noticed a couple and their little girl struggling at the next table to take a family selfie. He put down his pizza, wiped his hands and stood up and offered to take their photo. He took several pics and actually made sure they were happy with them before coming and sitting back down. He didn’t think twice about offering and didn’t mention it once he was back at the table. I was so proud of him! And the family were so thankful. The mum and I shared a knowing look. Special boy!

  172. Kellie says:

    Today I left a beautiful boutique of flowers on my supervisors desk with a little nite that said ‘A touch of kindness to brighten your day ‘.
    I wrote on the back a nice hand written note . I really enjoyed given it and seeing her surprised smile 🙂

  173. Napper says:

    My Uncle died unexpectedly a fortnight before his beloved camellia show, which he had almost single handedly organised for the last 20 years. My cousin and I, despite knowing little about camellias, did our best to fill his boots for an emotional weekend in his memory.

  174. Beti says:

    Standing at the grocery store, last week, buying only a few things and I was a little bit short of change. The woman in front of me heard me saying I’d have to come back to buy the groceries. She stopped, turned around and told me not to put them back, she had what I needed. She handed me the money and wished us well! My daughter was with me and I am so grateful she got to see that, she’s 7, what an amazing example! ❤️

  175. CP says:

    At Tenant Creek last year paid the balance for someones petrol who overfilled their car by mistake without having sufficient funds.

  176. Kath says:

    Taxi driver gave me a lift to my appointment yesterday for free becasue it was on his way home and he had officially clocked off for the day. He told me i looked desperate when trying to wave him down! Legend!

  177. Carla says:

    Homeless man in the supermarket was asking for some change to pay for a few items. I didn’t have any cash on me but I put his items through with mine.

  178. Nicole Perriman says:

    Just spent the weekend in Gunning, a small country town in southern NSW with my family and friends. Enjoyed a fabulous night at the fireworks festival. My husband dropped me offin Goulburn to catch the train to Canberra as I will bd working there for the day tomorrow. I had hours to wait for the train but that was OK. In the waiting was a woman who asked me for a lighter. I didnt have one. I got chatting to her and asked where she was headed, Campbelltown she said. I told her i was from Camden and about my weekend. She well you dont want to hear my story. But eventually she told me, and her tears began to flow She had just spent the night in gaol for being in my words “guilty by association”. She had only the clothes she was wearing and her phone. I asked if she had eaten and she said No. I invited her to walk to the shops with me but she needed to charge her phone and give back the charger to the station master. I gave her the $10 I had left in my wallet and she cried again. I tild her one day she would do the same for someone else in need. I hope she gets home safely.

  179. Carolyn Arthur says:

    I am currently house sitting and staying with friends to save money while I try and find a new job. Many people have offered me their spare rooms and couches. I am cuurently staying at an old high school friends house while he is away at his sisters wedding. He didn’t need anyone to look after his house, he just offered me a place to stay, no questions asked!

  180. Charlie Brooks says:

    I live near a school crossing the man that help the children, teachers, mothers and fathers across the road on a daily basis is a very lovely person.
    After hearing Kath talk the other day, I thought it is time to action the idea of buying him a coffee one morning. So I did… I think I will do it again soon.
    Thanks Kath

  181. Simon says:

    Me and the girl sitting next to me gave our seats on the bus to an elderly couple, wasn’t even a courtesy seat

  182. Audrey says:

    Gave my parking ticket that still had 90 minutes on it to the frazzled looking man trying to park

  183. Jeremy Ng says:

    On the weekend, I climbed up my next door neighbours house and cleaned their gutter. They both are elderly and the inclement weather lately has caused some major pipe blockages which has caused some internal house damages.

  184. Janelle Carew says:

    Random act of kindness just showered on me whilst buying my coffee at One Stop Coffee thanks to one of their regulars who donates a flat white to someone who comes along next after her. Feeling overwhelmed and blessed.

  185. Dominic Greenwood says:

    After hearing Kath talk at my work I felt so incredibly inspired. I creepily asked for her address so I could buy her an awesome LIFE TEE. The connection between Kath and this shirt will surprise her 🙂

  186. Sam refshauge says:

    My mate Doug met me at the bus stop after a 3hr ride to Canberra to Sydney with a smile on his face and then I bought him a fried chicken burger for dinner.

  187. Lilymae says:

    Today I delivered 21packets of pads and tampons (helped by friends donating also) to a collection point for Share the Dignity-a charity that helps women in need.
    Then cooked a meal and cupcakes for a family whose daughter is seriously ill in hospital in intensive care. Also had a good chat with the parents-which was possibly more helpful to them than my food.

  188. Mandy says:

    Sent clothing and medical supplies to a family providing community support in Northern NT. They have no funds or access to support. The local supermarket is three hours drive. I hope that their surprise package brightens their day, lets them know that they are incredible, providing an amazing service and puts a smile on their face.

  189. Susan W says:

    Went to visit my old Neighbour in her nursing home . Old as in 89 and old as in we lived next door to her 15 years ago. She was kind in the way that only people of her era could be. Coming home to a basket of folded washing if it rained when I was at work was small but at the same time huge kindness.
    Sadly I was too late to visit as she passed 2 weeks ago. But I left the flowers for the others to enjoy. RIP Hazel xx

  190. Jan says:

    I discovered a young couple with a toddler who were out of work and only that the young mother is on a disability pension they would be destitute so I started by giving a $20 dollar note folded very small so her friends couldn’t see and the tears started falling and I was given the most wonderful hug and that commenced a regular gift every pay day as I looked forward to the hug. I’ve now formed a grandma bond with this darling little girl This has become a most beautiful act of kindness not just FROM ME but FOR ME a most wonderful experience.

  191. Crin says:

    My work colleague Stuart noticed a blind man who got off a bus on a main highway looking very disorientated. Stu crossed the road and asked the man if he needed assistance to get where he was going. The man gratefully accepted the kind offer and Stu walked him to the café where he wanted to order his lunch. Stu took 15minutes out of his lunch break to help a stranger and made a difference. Great work Stu!

  192. Susan W says:

    Returned my neighbours vase that I borrowed full of fresh flowers. One good turn deserves another.

  193. Susan W says:

    Ran into a friend at the supermarket. Her trolley was loaded and she doesn’t have a car, and it was going to be a long walk home! Offered her a lift, dog and all, and helped carry her groceries inside. No biggie to me but made her day.

  194. India Whitty says:

    When I was out for a meal with friends it was pouring with rain, and there was a homeless man shivering in a doorway, getting soaked. So I went to the Tiger shop that was there and bought him a rain poncho and a blanket .

  195. Suzie says:

    Helped a lady with 3 children and a push chair down the stairs at the train station.
    She couldn’t thank me enough!

  196. Susan W says:

    Went to newsagents. Won $20 on lotto. Went to maccas for drive thru coffee. Paid for the order behind me, as I do every few weeks, mostly in the morning and mostly just a coffee. This order was $18.90. I’m still on top!

  197. Chelsea Doncon says:

    When I was walking to get my coffee this morning I saw a homeless man at the traffic lights asking drivers if he could wash their windows, it was raining this morning, so he didn’t have many takers. I see him there regularly. I thought should I ask him if he wants a coffee, but I thought I’d get him some food instead.
    So when I ordered my coffee and savoury muffin I got two muffins instead of one and on my walk back home I gave him his muffin. He was very thankful, I forgot to ask him his name, but i’ll do that next Sunday when I get him another muffin.

  198. Suzie W says:

    After a recent camping trip we had a fair few things left over, we gave them all to our neighbor who had just arrived, they were chuffed!
    Kath you are amazing…. THAT IS ALL

  199. Andrew Osullivan says:

    I give people of all ages and gender hugs , even sometimes when they think they don’t want one . An unconditional hug consists of left hand over there right shoulder and right arm under there left arm . Heart to heart . Can be a powerful gift for both .

  200. Tmne says:

    Loved meeting Kath at the start of her Kindness Journey last week. Am really enjoying reading about her adventures since then. On Saturday I won 30 donuts in a raffle! Way too much for all of us to eat and donuts are only nice when they are fresh. That night I gave half of them to a homeless man at our shops. he said he’d share them with his mates. Keep up the good work Kath!

  201. Jane says:

    after riding home in the cold I grabbed a felafel from a nearby take away shop – on my way I noticed a homeless man all rugged up with his possessions in a shopping trolley, ready for a long night of restless sleep in the park next to my apartment. I bought an extra kebab and gave it to him, because everyone deserves to feel that someone cares about them even if they have nowhere to go. I always aim to buy homeless people food when I can, because to me food is the ultimate nourishment and it’s the least I can do.

  202. Cailyn says:

    Was visiting mum in hospital and whilst at the hospital cafe I shouted the person behind me a coffee

  203. Ashley BD says:

    Kath came to my school and spoke about being kind, having gratitude and being present. I signed up for 40 hour famine to raise money and raise awareness of the famine in our world!

  204. Alice - 6 yrs says:

    Kath came to my school today and spoke about being kind. I decided to make the teachers at my school some paper flowers because they are always doing so much for all of us.

  205. Damien says:

    “To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” Brene Brown
    Thanks for sharing your story today Kath…

  206. Deb P says:

    Collected donated clothes and warm blankets from a friend who runs a coffee shop. Brought them home sorted them out and will deliver them to the homeless tomorrow xxx

  207. Charli says:

    Today Kath came to my school and talked to us about the life she has gone thruogh after listening it got to me and after she told about the kindness factory I did a couple of things I help out some friends with some work and I also help mum and dad today so thx kath for coming

  208. Susan W says:

    Always looking for opportunities. Today’s kindness was to leave my coin in the trolley for the next person when I did the shopping, both at the fruit market and Aldi. It’s such an inexpensive way to brighten some ones day and I can afford to do it every time I shop.
    I hope someone either didn’t have a coin or was having a bad day and it made them smile.

  209. Mel says:

    We found a lady’s wallet (with about $500 cash in it) in the car park of a shopping centre. After several calls to find the owner, we drove 30 minutes (in the opposite direction) to return it to her. She very kindly offered us a reward, which of course we refused!

  210. Lorraine says:

    Donated household goods to new retail secondhand business recently opened in town by women setting up her own small business.

  211. Michelle Faithfull says:

    Come to Newcastle,NSW. I’ll offer you a bed, shout you one of the best burgers in Newy, take you on a coastal walk, see some whales and breathe in this amazing place we call home.

  212. Junior says:

    I drove past someone who had broken down, lost and had ran out of petrol. Drove them to the cloesest petrol station.

  213. Paul says:

    Absolutely stoked to have the chance to provide Kath with transport and company during her Kindness Journey.

    We’re on top!

  214. Deborah Barry says:

    I am organizing for my friend who has Parkinson’s and in her mid seventies to have her wedding gown made into an ‘Angel Gown’ ( dresses for babies that don’t make it home) and hopefully will be able to show her the result. Her daughters were going to chuck it out. Fortunately, I was able to grab it and do this.

  215. Lalita Holmes says:

    I loaned a backpacker my car for the day so she could explore Bruny Island instead of walking.

  216. Judo1 says:

    A treasured colleague was upset as she lost her job through no fault of her own – I nominated her to win a $250 hotel voucher to cheer her up and she won (and also now has a great new job).

  217. Larissa says:

    I have just bought some little scratch and see message cards that I leave on people’s desks anonymously. The other day 2 of my team members had pretty challenging days and the next day I put a card on each of their desks. One secret message said ‘You’re Amazing!’ and the other said ‘You’re a star!”. They still don’t know it was me who did it but it made them smile.

  218. Julie says:

    Donated food to our local homeless Hawkesbury Helping Hand and still collecting every time i go shopping i buy one extra item

  219. Katherine says:

    I took an eldery ladies trolley back for at aldi cause it was raining and i was concerned she would slip and she said no one had ever offered to help her before

  220. YveeB says:

    I was at the skin specialist having some stitches removed, as I was booking my next appointment an elderly lady came out of her appointment and asked a receptionist to call her a taxi, only to go to the next suburb.
    I interrupted and offered her a lift home. Which she finally accepted, after I assured her it was on my way and no trouble.
    I think she must not have many visitors, she talked non-stop the whole way,and I made sure she got inside safely …
    As I had lost my Grandmother on 6 months before, who I did a lot of running around for I think I had the bigger smile on my face. Felt great to help someone out again ❤️

  221. Kristal says:

    I bought 2 tickets to the Wiggles for a woman I met in my mums group so she can take her daughter in December. I know they are having money troubles.

  222. Paul says:

    Scared a psycho homeless guy away from an older lady. In Canberra City, he was harassing her for money and she was clearly frightened by this. He smelt like cheap wine. Several people walked by this but I offered her my assistance. After exchanging words with this guy and telling him of my disgust for him, he left. The nice lady was grateful and gave me a big hug.
    Btw I had just been released from jail 25 minutes before this happened.

  223. Jake says:

    I’m going to adopt another rescue dog next year, and as always I’ll help the homeless when I see them. Your story of hardship Kath and how you’ve risen above that to do something so great in this world has given me hope when I had little left for humanity. You have true Australian spirit in your heart.

  224. Helen says:

    The fellow in front of me at the petrol station had left his wallet at home very distressed – Paid it for him. Easy done

  225. Julie says:

    Standing at the corner of an intersection waiting to cross. A couple walked up beside me. I had a lot going on and they were so cheery and friendly it put a smile on my face for the rest of the evening.

  226. Tiffany says:

    Saw 50c on the ground and my friend told me to take it but i flipped it over for the next person to experience good luck. Such a small thing but feels great when it all adds up

  227. Erin says:

    My best friend is been having a tough time of late suffering form anxiety due to competing her PhD and stuff going on in her personal life. I bought her the new Harry Potter book to make her smile, it worked! 🙂

  228. 77kats says:

    Noticed a group of women celebrating at a restaurant. They were laughing giggling & drinking wine. It made me happy hearing them in the distance.I bought a round of shots and had the waiter deliver them to the ladies with a note…… #Enjoy the celebration #lifeisgood

  229. SC says:

    Had two spare tickets to the footy – gave them away to a father waiting in line to purchase tickets. He was stoked!

  230. L says:

    A lady who works at our local supermarket always hands out baskets for people coming in to do their shopping, although it is her job and she has to do it, the smile on her face when she hands you the basket is optional.

  231. Craig Noble says:

    At the train station this morning & an older Asian lady was struggling down the stairs with her 2 wheel shopping bag. A number of people past her & it was clear to see that it was heavy as she lifted it down a stair at the time. The train was due so she was going as fast as she could. By the time I got down to her she has managed to get nearly halfway down the stairs. I asked her if I could help her with her bag & an enormous smile came over her face. In her broken English she said the bag was very heavy for her. At the bottom of the stairs she thanked me 3-4 times. Good start to the day.

  232. C says:

    Thank you very much to the lovely man who gave me the 30c that I was short of when buying my coffee 🙂

  233. Georgia Reid says:

    Thank you to the man this morning and the lady this afternoon who stood up for me and offered me their seat when no one else would. Getting onto a packed train, I thought that I would have to struggle to stand up with my crutches and had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t fall. It’s good to see that there are still people who do random acts of kindness to help others out and I can’t thank them enough 🙂

  234. L says:

    A guy on the same course of me packed away my table and chair whilst I was packing my bag. Lovely little gesture at the end of a long day 🙂

  235. Mel says:

    Simple but kind… A man with a walking stick was struggling to walk out of the train I was on, so I offered to assist him, held his arm and walked him off the train. It was much but he was grateful for my act of kindness <3

  236. Alvi says:

    Pulled my car over to help out a younger lady who’s car ran out of petrol on a busy 3-lane road at peak hour. Helped push it up on the kerb, with the help of another young kid who also stopped after me to help out

  237. Ish says:

    It’s absolutely roasting in Kolkata so I’ve been tripling the fare on all taxi journeys where I don’t use A/C

  238. Lyd says:

    The security lady working with us went out of her way to retrieve a book I had left behind, she didn’t have to but she did without question and with a smile 🙂

  239. Char Pizza says:

    There was a really small woman getting off the train with me at Erskineville yesterday. She had one of those old-school trolley bags elderly people wheel their groceries around in – very cute. As she got to the stairs and everyone started pushing past her, I could see she was trying to figure out how to get her groceries up the stairs as they were obviously too heavy for her small frame. As a very simple gesture I asked if I could help and ended up carrying the (actually rather heavy!) trolley up the stairs to the exit of the station. The gratitude in the smile I received was out of this world, the most heart-warming of gifts.

  240. Cathy says:

    I was at a shopping centre a few days ago and went in to the newsagent to buy a card. There was an elderly lady buying lots of lotto and the man next to me commented that at that age you wouldn’t be bothered buying all those tickets as you don’t need it. We were talking while waiting for her to finish and he mentioned that he had lost his wife a few months before to cancer and had met another gentleman in the hospital whose also lost his wife around the same time. He told me how lonely and sad he was at losing his soul mate and that people didn’t care any more – in a couple of minutes he was blurting out all his sadness and with tears in his eyes – I knew that this was a “real” situation and I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him that there are lots of people around who are caring and he just hadn’t met them. We got to make our purchase at the newsagent and I then asked him to come outside the store with me for a little chat. He was overwhelmed and had tears in his eyes that someone did care about what he said – he said he had never opened up to anyone about what he was going through, not even his children who he said didn’t have time for him. I knew that I had to spend a few minutes with him to make him feel there are people out there who do care so I asked him if he minded having a cup of coffee and a little chat. He was absolutely dumbfounded to think that someone would care enough to want to do that – his only condition was that I allow him to buy me coffee. I agreed but told him that it was usually me who bought coffee in these situations as I do it quite often. We sat down and he was just in awe and kept repeating how unbelievable this all was – how he could be standing beside a strange lady in a newsagent and now having coffee and pouring his heart out, something he had never, ever done. He shed tears and we laughed – he told me about the beautiful relationship he shared with his beloved Denise and even though she was about 10 years older than him, she was the best thing that ever happened to him after his first marriage. He gave me his phone number and asked if we could meet for coffee again and I said “yes” – he would also bring his friend along who had also lost his wife.

    Before we parted company, I asked him if he would like a hug, with the biggest smile on his face, we had a hug and I could tell that it was from his heart and how much he appreciated the few minutes we had share.

    Just imagine, I never set out to experience any of this that day but I truly believe that things happen for a reason and for me a simple act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a great impact on someone’s life – I know because I have experienced it first hand so many times and each time, it gives me goose bumps just knowing the difference I made to someone in putting a smile on their face and giving them some hope that the world is not such a bad place after all.

  241. C says:

    I parked somewhere where I had to pay a flat rate for the whole day even though I would only be there a few hours. So as I was leaving the carpark I went and put my paid parking ticket in the credit card slot of the payment machine so that the next person would find it and be able to use it 🙂

  242. C says:

    I was walking along towards my office at uni with my hands full carrying a coffee, my bag, and other things, but needed to get out my swipe card to enter the room. Someone (from a different office) down the corridor saw me approaching the door and ran up and swiped the reader with their card and then opened and held the door for me, then went back to what they were doing. This little kind gesture made my morning 🙂

  243. T says:

    Bought my niece and bf’s nephew a genie lamp because they love Aladdin. Brought such a big smile to their faces 🙂 the genie only comes out when they close their eyes of course!!

  244. Ish says:

    There was a lady stressing that she had been moved from queue to queue at the airport. She spoke to the staff in quite a rude and aggressive manner but let her in front of me anyway

  245. Naomi says:

    Monday afternoon, doing some work in the Library. Unfortunately a lady fell off a chair who had 2 hip replacements and was on crutches. Whilst surrounding people were in shock, I managed to help her get up, onto a chair and call the ambulance. Fingers crossed she’s okay!

  246. Simon says:

    Doubling up! A travelling buddy of my partner has moved to Syd, on her first night she was meant to stay at the house of a friend of a friend which turned out to be an absolute pigsty, and the worst possible welcome to Sydney for someone. After a 25 hour flight and a nightmare first day in Sydney, we offered up our couch until she finds a better option.

  247. Simon says:

    Walking home from dinner the other night, the homeless guy who lives around the corner from me was sleeping while all his belongings had been strewn across the road including his meds, his note book and boots. My girlfriend and I gathered it all up and put it safely nearby for him.

  248. Margaret Lyons says:

    Yesterday when it was raining I went to my car to get something out. On route, some of the senior students were arriving for an early morning meeting, so instead of going straight to my car I put my umbrella over 4 of the kids so they could get into school without getting wet.

  249. Cath says:

    Thank you to the wonderful stranger behind me at @cosmocoffee this morning. I ordered my coffee & said I would pay after getting cash from my health fund claim next door. I returned to find she’d generously paid for me. What a super start to the day! #kindnessofstrangers #generosityabounds

  250. Troy says:

    My wife broke her knee on New Years Eve 2015. We were staying with some friends who put out a request on Facebook to donate a wheelchair for 2 days so that we could still do some activities over the next couple of days which required getting from Point A to Point B. Multiple people jumped at the idea. This allowed us to still enjoy our time over New Years.

  251. J Wal says:

    3 weeks ago it was over 40 degrees in the middle of the industrial concrete jungle I work in. As I pulled out of the work driveway I noticed a man leaving the Metal scrap yard, he was walking carrying a bag of gear & his car battery. I pulled over & offered him a lift as he was about 2km from the closest bus to the train. I ended up driving him into the city on my way to training. I learnt a bit about his home town of Brittany, France & we chatted sports and he told me how confusing cricket was to him but he was trying because everyone was currently mad about it in all the pubs etc. My favourite part was this 6ft 6, skinny bean pole of a man’s name translated to Tiny Tony.

  252. Ellie says:

    I’m currently on holidays overseas. When I bought lunch today, there was a lady with her 3 kids in front of me in the line. However, when it came time to pay, her Australian bank card wasn’t being recognised by the machine. She didn’t have enough cash on her to cover all of the meals, so she told the kids they’d have to share. I told her that I was happy to pay the difference (only about $10). She was so appreciative, saying they’d just got off a plane, so the kids were hungry and she was too tired to deal with their complaints. She told me that I’d made her day, but I think that seeing her appreciation, made mine too 🙂

  253. Kate says:

    This morning my 5yr old was struggling on her gear-less bike with a big hill. I was struggling to assist / placate her with a wriggling toddler perched in the back of my bike.
    A kind stranger rode past us and clearly saw my daughters struggle and my struggle to assist her. This stranger parked her bike, walked back down the hill, and then pushed my daughter on her bike all the way up the hill before returning to her own bike and continuing with her day.
    Made my day and was certainly very impactful for my frustrated and overwhelmed 5yr old.

  254. Kara Sutherland says:

    Last night at the local ex-services club, an elderly man asked if he could use the spare seat at our table. We got talking, and it turns out he’s involved with Helping Hands & he’s running a trivia night tonight for a local girl with Ehlers Banlos Syndrome (basically her bones dislocate often & unpredictably). Today, 77 year old John came over to pick up a Sixers WBBL playing shirt to be added to the auction & hopefully raise extra funds for young Georgia. It’s amazing the things you can discover if you just take the time to talk to someone (and John has even decided to follow the Sixers now)!

  255. Rachel Armstrong says:

    My dad was raising money for mental illness and depression, getting sponsored for a 7 day Mt bike challenge, raising money for mental illness and depression. While donating on his ‘Give a little’ page, I saw another stranger raising money for her brothers brain tumour surgery, so I dontated there too 🙂

  256. Alex says:

    On a very hot day recently, I walked around the corner to the shops to grab something to eat. As I left my house, I noticed a man on the street who I often see around. He always cleans up the sticks and rubbish in our little lane, and it is clear he is homeless and struggles with his mental health. He always says hello and wishes you a good day, and this particular day he commented how hot it was. I asked him if he would like anything from the shops, and he said he would love a can of coke. On my way back I handed him a cold bottle of coke and the look on his face just was so genuine. He couldn’t believe I had actually bought him a cold drink. I didn’t think much of a couple of dollars especially when I was already going to the shop, but this tiny tiny thing absolutely made his day. I was humbled that he was so appreciative of something so so small. Keep up the amazing work Kath!! There are so many people that do such great work for others compared to my few little dollars, but if everyone could do something little like you say, it really does put a smile on someone else’s face.

  257. Mel says:

    Today after taking our kids to Ballina for the day we were walking down one of the side streets when my 4 yr old noticed a homeless man.
    She asked me why he was sleeping in the corner with all his things ( a trolley full of clothes)
    I explained that some people are not as fortunate as we are and they don’t have a home. After telling her this she seemed rather upset, so when we were in woollies she asked me if the homeless man has any food, instead trying to explain the whole situation to a 4 yr old I asked her if she would like to pick out a few things to take to him just incase he doesn’t. With that she picked a bottle of juice, a chicken and a packet of chocolates.
    I then took her around to the man to give him the things. When he realised what she had done he had tears in his eyes, my daughter asked him why he was crying, his reply.. No one had ever done that for him before!
    Couldn’t be prouder of our 4 yr old!

  258. Jen says:

    On our morning ride today we came across 2 ladies that were obviously quite lost as they were looking at their phones trying to figure out where they were. We could have easily rode past but we pulled over and offered them our local knowledge. They were super appreciative as they were training for a big trek event and wanted to make the most out of their training. A great way to start the day.

  259. Shirl D says:

    Tried to order a “small meal” at Macca’s the other day….ended up with a Happy Meal and toy. Saw a family with a lots of children sitting around so gave the toy to the mum. (Ssshhh don’t tell my grandkids lol). Smiles all round, it felt nice!!

  260. Nikki says:

    Bought a homeless man and his dog some cold water on a hot day and gave him some money to buy some food. Had a quick chat to him. The love he has and the care he takes for his mate just melted my heart. He puts feeding his mate above himself as he said he can try and get a feed at the soup kitchen so he prefers food for the dog if possible.

  261. Stace says:

    Asking my old Neighbour if he needed me to bring his bins in for him. He said no he wanted to do it, but he now knows the offer is always there now.

  262. Claud says:

    I won a weight loss challenge with my local Zumba group and donated the prize money so that someone else could start their own fitness journey. There was such a huge response and inspired by KindnessFactory, I decided to donate funds to give away 2 more multi class passes as there were lots of women who are new mums, women with limited funds and women wanting to get active for better mental health that were in need of a boost.

  263. AR says:

    I bought Rita a cold drink which was much appreciated during a hot 34 degree day. It was even hotter in the cab she drove & she was over the moon.

  264. Julie B says:

    I was going back to work after a 3 week holiday and my car wouldn’t start due to a flat battery. I started to feel really stressed. I couldn’t believe it when my neighbour came to my rescue by giving me the keys to his car and told me to go to work. He then waited with my car for the NRMA to recharge the battery. Thanks so much Michael! .

  265. IG says:

    Last night I got stuck in a lift with 3 friends including one who’s birthday it was and has a fear of lifts. It was 1am and we were in there for 2 hours. To try and relax her we told a bunch of really corny jokes and tried to lighten the mood despite being slightly apprehensive ourselves. She was really nervous bless her (think of being faced with your biggest fear) but thinks she appreciated the fact that we didn’t panic and tried to make it as normal as possible

  266. Amanda says:

    Walked up to Aldi tonight to grab a few bits for dinner. Ended up sitting down and having an awesome chat about all things music (including our joint love of Dire Straits) with David who was busking outside the store. David busks there every night and his busking earnings make up the majority of his weekly income. David was so stoked that someone actually took the time to get to know him and his story but I feel privileged that he shared some of it with me. He was a top dude and we shared a cool bond tonight. He even offered to give me music lessons. I left David with $10 (the only note in my wallet) and hope to see him next time I’m at Aldi.

  267. AR says:

    Stopped to speak to a confused middle aged woman who was actually a recovering drug addict in rehab. She didn’t know how to spend her day because she was unable to concentrate long enough to read and her tv was broken so I offered her some advice on the local area. She was over the moon and so grateful we had the random conversation.

  268. K says:

    I was at the post office to collect three bulky parcels. Two other customers could see that I was going to need to make three trips to my car with each parcel. They spontaneously picked up a parcel each and helped me to carry the parcels to my car. They were smiling as they did it. I was very grateful.

  269. Kathryn says:

    An elderly man in a shop was very confused and the shop keeper and customers helped him so that he did not over spend money and so that he put his cash away safely.

  270. Kathryn says:

    The local petrol station worker let me park in a space at the petrol station so that I could get a parcel from the post office next door. There were no parking spaces on the street near the post office.

  271. Tim says:

    Organised a picture book full of memories for a friend’s birthday which involved ringing around lots of mates and dealing with temperamental Apple software. Should have spent time working but thought this was more important!!

  272. IG says:

    My bf has been working with a guy from Newcastle making music at home. I decided to buy them all dinner at an amazing Italian down the road. They have a piano and the owner asked them to play. My bf fetched his guitar and they played the owner the songs and we all had a singalong. The owner makes his own wine and sat down with us…told us about his story over some of his best wine which he didn’t charge us for. It was a beautiful evening full of kindness, great food and amazing wine.

  273. TG says:

    Dropped off a stereo at the local charity shop – they were delighted because they’ve never had one before.

  274. Nicole says:

    While I thought this didn’t count as it was for someone I know a friend insisted It did and to log it.. My friend doesn’t have a car and lost power in bonnet bay for over 24 hours. I drove over unannounced as I couldn’t contact her (mobile was dead) and insisted on taking her to get coffee, charge her phone and grab some food and just keep her company.. Just seeing how happy it made her gave me such a good feeling.

    Plan to log more acts and spread the word about this website to help you reach your goal

  275. Motwos says:

    Helped a new mum carry her pram up some steps at the local station as the lift was broken. She couldn’t speak English but kindness crosses all boundaries.

  276. Patricia Thompson says:

    Yesterday morning I walked into my favorite coffee shop which is near a train station around 7.15am to order my coffee before I started work. I walked over to the table where I usually sit and there was a young woman on her mobile phone. As I walked closer I noticed there were lots of bags in the corner near my table. As I was about to sit down, whilst on her mobile the young woman said “sorry those are my bags”, I replied “It’s not a problem”. Whilst waiting for my coffee, I noticed the young woman was charging her mobile and looking out for someone and looked quite anxious. She turned smiling anxiously saying her mobile was running low. I then asked if she was going on a big trip today as she had quite a few bags in the corner. The young woman replied “I wished” and with that comment started to cry. I consoled the young woman, during which she told me that she had just got out of goal how there was a lack of housing and had been staying with a friend. It was difficult to get the whole story as the youn woman was distressed but the friend had kicked her out at midnight. Somehow she told me she met a kind man she said at a service station….. and somehow ended up here at the train station where she was waiting for a male friend and would be going back to Sydney. As the young woman was telling me her story, I knew she was genuine. I offered to buy her a coffee but she declined as she had just had one, so instead she reluctantly allowed me to buy her breakfast. When her breakfast came, she kept apologising and tears in her eyes saying “I have never had to do this before”. I left the young woman who I could see was genuinely struggling. I left feeling good for the day believing I helped someone in genuine need.

  277. Sydney Sixers WBBL Team says:

    Today the Sydney sixers WBBL team gave 3 tickets to a nice young man walking past our game in Waverly. He replied, “I can’t believe my luck” after telling us about how much he had wanted to go but it was sold out.

    We are on top

  278. Jason says:

    Was waiting in line for a coffee at the hospital today behind a father and son, when they got to the counter the father had left his wallet in the car so I paid for it instead. Hopefully made whatever they are going through a little bit easier.

  279. Jen Dive says:

    I lent a work mate my tyre pump because her scooter had a flat tyre and she had left it on the street the night before because of the rain.

  280. Ish says:

    Spoke to a TV company today about promoting the Kindness Factory. Although we are in a different country I’m determined to get the message out there. Then I learnt the news of Kath’s accident. Kath – keep fighting you warrior.xx

  281. Tara says:

    Bagged up some clothes ready for the charity shop. Wish there was somewhere to gives clothes directly to refugees. Instead charity shops are doing a special drop in service and the money made on the clothing goes to helping the refugees. As long as they receive the benefits I don’t mind.

  282. C says:

    A new student in the lab was stuck doing a really time-consuming experiment and hadn’t had a chance to stop for lunch and was really hungry. I felt sorry for him and dince I’d already had lunch, I took over his lab work to give him a break. He was very thankful and I’m glad I was able to help.

  283. Sophie says:

    I was at the beach on Sunday and bought a family sized box of ice blocks from the convenience store over the road. I was only going to need two iceblocks for me and a friend so we walked the beach with the remaining stash, loading a few strangers up who needed the cool-down. They were super appreciative and it felt great!

  284. Lyd says:

    I’ve been walking two dogs for an elderly lady twice a week, she is unable to take them because of a bad hip. To be honest I get a lot of happiness out of it because the dogs and elderly lady are lovely although it’s still nice to be able to help her.

  285. Timmy says:

    Spent some time with my parents this eve which is a rarity these days. Watched the Hurricane with my Mum which she loved

  286. I says:

    For one of my best mates hen do’s I’ve managed to organisea big discount of personalised New York Yankee jerseys through a baseball agent in the US. For the bride to be we’ve got her a personalised Brooklyn Nets jersey as she was proposed to on the Brookyln bridge. She is gonna absolutely love it and I am very thankful to the agent

  287. Dianne Byers says:

    Together with my mother and sisters, we received a voucher for coffee and cake for four people after winning a trivia quiz on our cruise. We gave the voucher to some lovely ladies who had commented that they never win anything. We also won the next round and gave that voucher to a family.

  288. I says:

    For one of my best friends hen do’s I’ve managed to arrange a discount through a baseball agent on personalised New York Yankee jerseys which all the hens can wear. We’ve bought the bride a Brooklyn Nets jersey as that is where her hubbie proposed to her. She’s gonna love it!! I’m very grateful to the guy that organised the discount

  289. EO says:

    I had free passes to Taronga zoo so I found two families with little kids to give them to, saving them $46 per adult! It absolutely made their day!

  290. Char says:

    I always feel lucky on a Saturday morning when I can walk up the road to my favourite coffee shop for the perfect start to the weekend. This time on my walk up a lady I passed asked if I had any spare change. She was about to set herself up for the day with a towel in front of her collecting coins. I asked if I could get her a coffee instead. She had a fair point telling me “it’s too hot for coffee but I’d love an energy drink”. I came back with a can of red bull and a can of V, unsure which one she would like. I had the biggest grin walking away from her after she gleefully took both. One small act!

  291. Clare says:

    I was going to catch the train to the BBL last night and a friend who was heading in the same direction offered me a lift! One small act!

  292. Christie says:

    A man noticed that my brother and I had got onto the train together, but that there weren’t any duo seats left, so he stood up and offered us his seat so we could sit together. It wasn’t at all necessary, but was very kind of him to do that.

  293. I says:

    After months of doing her PhD my friend was about to write up without any significant data. In the last couple of months she’s made an amazing discovery. As a break from her thesis I bought her dinner.

  294. I says:

    Have grown apart from someone very close to me and although I’ve tried to make the effort its gotten worse in the last 6 months. For some reason they won’t let me in so I’m making a music playlist to remind them of when we were younger

  295. Stace says:

    Kindness of strangers tonight who found my lost dog and waited with him until I got to them to pick him up. Thank you

  296. M & D says:

    Out walking to my local coffee shop and came across an elderly lady who seemed distressed and confused. We asked her if she was OK and she said she’d lost her son. In chatting to her they had parked up and he had taken his dog for a walk. She’d said she’d just go a little walk around the block. But she’s was not local and had got lost. So one of us went looking for her son while I stayed and chatted with her. They were very happy to be reunited.

  297. Linda Buoro says:

    I am currently out of work and have a bit of time on my hands. For about 4 months now I have been volunteering at an aged care facility a few days a week. Many have dimentia. I talk to residents, read to them, play games, make them laugh. Do the gardening with one man. An 81 year old lady, whose husband is a resident, is there most days to see him. Has to catch a bus and walk. So I drive her home when I am there. She then invites me in and I stay for about an hour, giving her company. Bonus – she is going to teach me how to crochet

  298. Suds says:

    I saw an elderly gentleman walking through heavy rain with an umbrella that had been destroyed by the wind. I gave him mine.

  299. J Wal says:

    Prior to the Christmas Break my work mates & I donated food, toys & bedding to the local cat & dog refuge/Havens to help the volunteers cope with the demand.

  300. Junior says:

    Found a wallet on the side of the street just after Christmas. Looked inside for their license to find the address. Her house was a 30min drive. Safe to say she was very grateful for the return of her wallet. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you help someone out. One Small act is all it takes

  301. L says:

    Today I picked up an elderly ladies dog from the vets because she can’t drive. She thought the dog was going to have to be put down so was pretty happy to have her back was nice to see them reunited!

  302. k says:

    thx to proprietors @ rainforest inn paluma who saw us parked outside in heavy rain & opened their back door to help us in quick without getting too soaked in the downpour.. 😛 xo

  303. Ailsa says:

    I said to a girl at work, who I don’t have much to do with, that I would have to get her to teach me how to do a ponytail as hers always looked so nice. She sounded so chuffed!

  304. Tim says:

    While filling my car with petrol at our local servo on Saturday, I noticed a woman in her late 70s walking past, struggling with a wheeled suitcase. I asked if she needed a lift anywhere, and she gratefully accepted. I drove her to a nursing home a kilometre away. Her name was Pat, she told me, and lived in public housing in Wollongong. She was going to see her 55 year old son who had suffered a major stroke & was now a resident there. She couldn’t afford a cab & was very grateful for the lift. Little acts of kindness DO make such a difference!

  305. Romy & Hudson Whipper says:

    My 6 months old twins donated $10 each of their Christmas money to Bear Cottage (a respite home for children with terminal illness)

  306. Kathie says:

    We called and asked a friend if they would mind picking up our mail for us while we were away over Xmas. When we got back they told us they had watered our new front garden and our vege garden out the back because it had been quite hot!!! Very appreciative Grahame and Sue

  307. Camille Philips says:

    Chatting with a young boy who had cerebal palsy who was very distressed while his dad called the NRMA to get their car started….

  308. Jen Dive says:

    I bought The Daily Telegraph this morning to read the article about Kath and Kindnessfactory. While reading it I overheard a couple next to me saying that they should have bought their paper with them to read while waiting for an appointment. I gave them my copy of the paper and told them to have a great day.

  309. Neil Gray says:

    Little kid turned up for our Renegades holiday clinic this morning but his mum hadn’t registered him and we were full, couldn’t break his little heart so he joined in and is having a great time.

  310. Merelyn Owen says:

    I paid for a British tourists coffee in the QVB as the shop only accepted cash and he didn’t have any, He said he would pass the favour on. He was very grateful and surprised!

  311. Georgia says:

    there is a local homeless man that lives in the bus stops along my street, one day it was pouring rain and he had no wet weather gear. I gave him my umbrella.

  312. G kos says:

    Helped some lost Italian tourists find their way to the three sisters in Katoomba. They had taken a turn too early and we’re looking lost. With the help of Google maps I put them on the right path 45km away regardless of the language barrier!

  313. Cathy McAuley says:

    One of the boys in my primary special class had his Christmas lights stolen over night and as a child with Autism he found it ray hard to understand why someone would do this. My husband and I had bought some more lights for our display next year but I had no hesitation in taking these to his house so that the Christmas spirit could be returned. He was going to get far more joy from them then we ever will.

  314. Neil n Caz says:

    I travel away a lot for work and this year saved lots of soaps and shampoos etc and then my wife and i went shopping for some bits n pieces like socks bickies cans of food and made up some xmas hampers for the homeless. We then wandered the parks of melbourne and gave them away to bring some xmas cheer. We hope it created at least one smile.

  315. Sue Gell says:

    Over a very hot Christmas period I watered my neighbours pot plants to make sure the plants survived till their arrival at the house for new year

  316. Bob says:

    My local Gym (Voyage) decided from 2015 to give a gift at Christmas, as a pensioner I was the lucky first recipient , gift voucher that enabled me to buy Christmas food I could not normally afford. Made my Christmas.

  317. jon says:

    Today an elderly lady pulled up outside our house very disorientated as she was on her way to a family event but she couldn’t find her daughters new house. My dad started giving her directions and then sensing her anxiety jumped in his own car and led her to the house which was 25mins away. When they arrived they had a conversation and the lady mentioned that her husband was normally her navigator but he had passed away over Christmas. She thanked my dad and said that she believed her husband sent her to our place knowing that we would help her.
    Kindness is great. Kindness is contagious. Every act matters.

  318. Charlotte Mizzi says:

    With so many companies closed over the christmas period, our fruit and bread for the office didn’t get delivered this morning. I went and filled up the bread tray and fruit bowl for the 30 odd people who are here slaving away in the holiday period!

  319. administrator says:

    Sarah Gloury ran in to this beautiful soul, Tony. He’d had a rough night up until Sarah noticed he may need someone to chat too. He spoke about his love of art and poetry and helped her etch some chalk in to the pavement. They spoke of the kindnessfactory and of the circumstances that Tony found himself in; relying on art and street performance to earn enough cash to sleep and eat. Sarah reached in to her pocket, giving Tony $150 to get home and have the night off.
    Sarah said “it isn’t about ego. The feeling I got from hearing his story and his love for art was amazing. It was awesome to help a brother out”.
    We’re all in this together and we live in a beautiful world. Sometimes we just need to stop and look around to see it.

  320. administrator says:

    Lilie has come on board with the Kindnessfactory as apart of her commitment to the community in the hope of obtaining her Duke of Edinburgh award.
    Helping to raise funds for the St. George Children’s Hospital

  321. administrator says:

    Oatley Flora and Fauna Society – cleaning the cigarette butts and plastics that had built up in the drains that lead to the local wetlands!
    Saving little !!