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March 24,2019 at 5:42am Dawn Ward

Yesterday, while at the gym, I noticed a woman at a table that had a sign saying “teen lock-in”. As a mom of a 13 year old boy, I asked her to tell me more. She mentioned that she had been up since 530 that morning and had worked a full day at her other job. My immediate response was to ask her if she wanted me to get her coffee. She thought I meant getting her a crappy cup from another part of the gym but I left the gym and got her Starbucks (she would need the good stuff to stay up all night with a group of teens)!

March 20,2019 at 10:54pm Sarah p

Well someone’s gave me a potato and a make a potato bake for them

March 20,2019 at 10:54pm Miss potato

I helped a dog cross the road this morning

March 20,2019 at 10:54pm Monique

My best friend/sister was up set you I sat with her and hugged her then made her a coffee

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm Corin.C

I apologised to my brother for getting him aggresive

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm josephine

I helped my younger sister get ready for school

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm Riley

It was on anzac day last year,i was surrporting in the parade and so many kids dropped their balloons and cryed, i would pick up the balloon and the parents would thank me,kindness is the greatest feeling.

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm Brayden

I helped my friend feel better when they were sad

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm Ava

Last week someone dropped a $50 note and I caught it and ran and gave it to them.

March 20,2019 at 10:53pm Bella

I helped a disabled kid cross the road at the Sydney hospital.

March 20,2019 at 10:52pm Sarah b

I helped a little kid and a dog cross the road

March 20,2019 at 10:52pm Liam Nillesesn

I donated some coins for the blind