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Kindness Factory

Kindness Factory

Kindness Factory Commitment

Kindness Factory is a disruptor the world has been looking for. It speaks a universal language that
connects with everyone.

The Kindness Factory is putting kindness back on the map; revolutionizing the way we
interact in schools, business, the community and within ourselves. It is creating a backbone to how
we engage on a global scale.

Our existence creates a mirror that makes us take a good look at ourselves. The Kindness Factory’s
ethos evokes within us something that exists in infinite supply in each and every one of us.

Regardless of whether you are dripping in wealth or praying for a drip of water, kindness feeds the
soul. Since the beginning of time people have communicated through rhythm and dance. Being in a
state of kindness is a flow that nourishes the growth of purpose, meaning, connection and

Kindness Factory is changing the world and setting the standard for corporate best-practice.

Kindness shapes our overall state of mind – it is the intrinsic goodness of our present experience, it is
at the heart of our subjective and our interpersonal lives, and its regulation determines who we are
and how we behave in the world.

Every culture is able to recognise and connect with kindness universally. We have dedicated circuits
in our brain that are involved in the ‘emotional systems’, clusters of evolutionarily helpful neurons
that serve to organize our basic motivational drives.

Our subjective experiences are shaped by emotion. Kindness is not a thing, but a process – an active,
dynamic, changing flow of something.


Ways to Express Kindness

There are a lot of ways to express kindness. Kindness includes self-kindness, kindness to others and kindness to the earth.

Some ways that you can express kindness include:

  • Giving – buying someone a coffee, paying for another’s petrol, donating
  • Helping – mowing someone’s lawn or packing boxes, babysitting
  • Acknowledgement – wishing someone luck, compliment, recognizing someone
  • Time – volunteering, being present, spending time with someone
  • Connection – giving a high five, hugs, hearing someone out, eye contact

Kindness Factory Focus Areas

Kindness Factory focus areas are Schools, Community, Corporate and research. We accept charitable donations to help our causes in schools, community and research.


Kindness Factory delivers emotionally engaging programs to schools, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health and kindness strategies to build resilience and happiness. Through presentations and school curriculum, we seek to help all school aged children become mentally healthy through embracing kindness and gratitude.
We have delivered programs to over 200 government, independent and private schools nationally and we are regarded as one of the most engaging programs against bullying in Australia.
Our approach is to work with the whole school community including teachers, students and parents helping them understand the importance and strength of kindness to drive sustainable change.


Kindness Factory is an organisation for the people. By providing the Kindness Factory platform, we are well on our way to reaching 1 million acts of kindness via many different small and large communities around the world. This service is free to the user and provides a safe space for civilians to engage in kindness and improve themselves and their wellbeing in the process.


Our presentations are perfect for a professional development session, seminar or offsite conference. We can customise our talk or program to fit with the occasion:

Delivering life-changing, stimulating and enriching workplace programs
Creating a thriving workplace that demonstrates kindness and collaboration
Creating a confident and passionate workforce that is equipped and capable to thrive throughout life
Increase employee’s connectedness and engagement with their core values, leaving employees experiencing positive sentiment and gratitude
Providing employees, a road map to a purposeful, meaningful life


Our Research Aim

Our aim is to further understand the benefits of kindness from a neurological, psychological, physical, spiritual, cultural and social perspective and to transform findings in to tangible initiatives that overall, make the world a kinder place.

Via kindnessfactory.com over 190,000 people from around the world have logged an act of kindness. We know via feedback from these people that each of these acts has fundamentally changed their mind set from the moment that they engage in the act and then also when they took the time to ‘log’ the act on the website.

Scientific research demonstrates that kindness boosts the immune system, allowing us to live longer and live a more enriched life. Kindness is the opposite to stress. Stress creates tension in the nervous system, pushing our bodies in to flight or fight mode. Kindness on the other hand, relaxes the nervous system, guiding it in to rest. Stress is linked to mental illness, kindness is protective towards mental illness.

Kindness Factory’s Theory on Kindness

We believe kindness is the highest form of intelligence. Thanks to neuroscience, clinical evidence supports this. The mind is a relational, self-organizing system. However, the commonality between all disorders, is chaos and rigidity. In contrast, the most effective systems in the world organize complexity. When we first understand the differences between elements without judgement and then link these elements together, we achieve harmony.

When we are in a state of chaos, rigidity or threat, cortisol floods our prefrontal cortex, blocking the area of the brain responsible for our ability to problem solve or access our values. The pre-frontal cortex is what makes humans fundamentally different from any other living species and is essential for us to thrive.

Thanks to our feel-good chemical oxytocin, when we are in a state of kindness we have access to our whole brain. Higher degrees of kindness allow for higher degrees of integration. The wonderful thing is, kindness is free and in infinite supply in all of us.

We would love to hear from you if this is of interest to you or your company.


Kindness Factory is a registered 501(c)(3) of Inc Number N000709962 of the United States of America.

Where Does My Donation Go?
Kindness Factory uses donations to fund various community and school kindness programs as well as the development of valuable kindness and wellbeing research.

Who Can I Contact With a Question About Donations?
Please email admin@kindnessfactory.com

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?
Donations are tax deductible to USA residents and anyone obtaining income from USA entities for tax purposes. For more information about your tax, you should seek financial advice from your accountant or visit the IRS website.

Kindness Factory Pillars

Pillar One – Advocacy

  • Personal Esteem and enhanced personal productivity
  • Advocates for Kindness in all organisations
  • Global Cultural Society assistance

Pillar 2 – Accelerate the Development of Acts of Kindness

  • Develop a Shift in Society
  • Support Corporates to engage and shift perceptions
  • Social and Recreational Partnerships

Pillar 3 – Deliver Programs to Select Groups that align with our values, vision and mission

  • Public and Private Sector Programs
  • Social and Recreational Partnerships
  • Developing Services Sector

Pillar 4 – Educate and Action More Acts of Kindness

  • Social impacts of making the world a “Kinder Place”

About Us

Our Mission

Kindness Factory is on a mission to make the world a kinder place. We focus in community, schools, and corporates. We also fund valuable research and insights into kindness and collaborate with like-minded people and organisations who share our passion for kindness.

Kindness Factory Values

Our individual thoughts, words and behaviours are a true reflection of who they are, and are
consistent with their beliefs

Have respectful partnerships between people who understand and appreciate their own skill
sets and whom understand that others have complementary skill sets

A sense of understanding that becomes the underlying foundation of productive and
sustainable partnerships creating a positive mindset that allows a person to appreciate
differences without fearing or rejecting them

Reciprocal understanding that the relationships established are a true reflection of the
connectedness that we are aiming to promote in the community

Our People

Greg Healy
Chairman, Advisory Board

Greg Healy has in excess of 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, specialising in Pension Services, Investment Management Services, Product and Asset Management Development and Design, Product Development and Financial Planning Management. Currently, Greg is a Director of Stature Wealth Management and a government appointed Director of Central Coast Local Health District.

In 2009, Greg was promoted to Vice President AMP Asian Business and subsequently Managing Director, a role based in Singapore but working across Asian market of China, India and Korea in the area of M&A through to early 2014.

Greg established AusAsia Business solutions, a project based consultancy, providing organisations in-sights in to selected Asian Markets. Greg is a JP, a fellow of Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders, Fellow of Life and Member of the Association of Supperannuation Funds of Australia.

Kath Koschel
Founder, Motivational Speaker

Kath isn’t your normal athlete. In fact, she’s so modest she wouldn’t even consider herself an athlete. But the former NSW cricketer has more fight in her than most professional athletes ever would. Kath’s story is one of inspiration and utter strength; from a hospital bed defying a prognosis of paralysis to setting up a global movement that drives her every day desire to create a world where people are kinder to one another. There have been more than a few significant bumps along the way, but Kath has never let the setbacks get the better of her. With her physical and mental resilience, Kath has pulled herself through challenges that most of us could not comprehend, without letting them defy her belief that we all have the capacity for kindness.
Now known worldwide for her kindness adventures, Kath shares her journey of how she turned adversity into triumph, with the thoughts that lead her to leave her home with nothing but the clothes on her back in an attempt to prove that you really can survive physically, mentally and emotionally, on kindness. An outpouring of support and offers of food and shelter on social media had Kath travelling around Australia on the nothing but the kindness of strangers, spreading her message of hope.
Kath will inspire you to challenge the way that you see the world. She will take you on an emotional roller coaster, leaving you in awe of her incredible strength and determination to do and be better, regardless of the hurdles she has had in front of her. And she believes that anyone is capable of achieving the same.
Amongst all of her challenges, Kath still managed to be awarded the 2016 Pride of Australia Medal, raised over $300K for various charity organisations, completed an Ironman challenge with feeling in only one of her legs, is on the Board of the Australian Young Leaders Initiative, addressed the Australian Prime Minister, is currently training to swim the English Channel, was selected by Marie Claire as a 2017 “Woman of Worth” and is an active mental health advocate.



Founding Story

Kindness Factory was created by Kath Koschel, a former elite cricketer whose life spiralled into despair and darkness without warning. She fought through the horrible ordeal however, and emerged with a renewed passion for life and a complete understanding of just how powerful kindness can be.
In 2011 Kath made her debut for NSW against South Australia on the famous Adelaide Oval, but no sooner had her career started it came to an abrupt halt. Kath sustained a back injury and just a few months later developed complications from surgery that saw her go within 24 hours having her leg amputated.
It was only Kath’s sheer stubbornness that had prevented surgeons from removing the dying limb sooner. At the eleventh hour her persistence was rewarded when professionals discovered a small bleed in her abdomen that was limiting the blood flow to her leg. Emergency surgery fixed the bleed – her leg was saved.
It was during this period whilst attending rehabilitation that Kath met Jim. There was an instant connection.
Jim had a smile that could make all of the worries of the world disappear. He was the type of man that made everyone feel welcome. They fell in love, and planned a future together. Jim was Kath’s light in this otherwise dark journey.
With a heavy blow, tragedy struck again for Kath in 2012 when Jim passed away; taking his own life. Kath’s new light was snuffed out and her journey plunged into darkness once again.
Kath’s recovery from the mental and physical trauma was a tough one. But throughout it all one thing shone out – the kindness of others who simply wanted to help.
They were small gestures, like offering to help her with a door, but they all helped Kath feel a little bit better. Little things were adding up to make a really big difference.

While on the journey to recovery, Kath Koschel has raised over $300k for various charity organisations which saw her be recognised for multiple national medals and it seemed to most that her life was back on track.
Kath’s physical injuries had come along and in September 2015, she was the first person with prosthetic discs in her back to complete an iron man triathlon with only feeling in one of her legs. With a new found passion for competitive endurance sport, Kath signed up for an Iron Man triathlon in 2016. While on a training bike ride for the event, Kath was hit from behind by 4- wheel- drive truck, breaking her back again and sustaining life threatening and altering injuries.
Kath genuinely believes that her life was saved in this instance by the kindness of other people. There was a flooding of acts of kindness on her website and social media feeds were inundated with kindness leading her to believe that we all have the capacity for kindness.
With a new understanding of just how powerful kindness can be, Kath launched Kindness Factory on 13th November 2015 to encourage people to show kindness to themselves and others in an attempt to reach 1 million acts of kindness.

The movement has now grown in to a registered not for profit organisation operating across Australia and the USA as she continues to strive from kindness everywhere she goes.

Kindness Journey

2016 was a particularly challenging time for Kath. After overcoming the obstacle of her first broken back and the loss of her partner in 2012, Kath had come so far in her physical and emotional journeys that she became a semi-professional triathlete, only to be knocked from her bike by a 4- wheel- drive in a very serious and life-threatening road trauma. Recovering from this ordeal, Kath was et with many mental demons which she had to find a way to overcome… She did this through embracing kindness.

In August 2016, Kath left her home in Sydney, Australia with nothing but the clothes on her back in the hope of proving to the world that kindness still exists. She traveled for two months to every state in Australia with over 10,000 offers to help her worldwide. She made world headlines in doing so and was inundated with requests to help her and others facing adversities. Kindness factory was well and truly born.

You can find out more about that journey here by reading Kath’s unedited blog posts from that experience.

Blog 1- Is It Possible to Survive On Kindness?

Is it possible to survive on the kindness of others?
On the 13th November 2012 I lost my partner Jim to suicide. It hurts like hell and if I’m honest, it’s something that I’m still working through today. He was the best person I’ve ever known; the person who taught me how to love and how to be loved. I miss him and I don’t celebrate him like he deserves to be.
The one thing that has gotten me to this point is the kindness of other people. Family, friends and complete strangers who all want to help. It inspired me to create this movement; to spread the goodwill that came to me when I needed it most. These experiences and the Kindness Factory have changed the way that I see the world and its people.
2016 has presented new challenges. So far, I’ve been hit by a car, have broken my back and my heart breaks to say that we lost Jim’s mum Wendy to suicide earlier this year. It’s been tough recently and I’m digging deep to smile through each day.
I’m turning to kindness again to find my way and to reaffirm to myself that kindness really does matter. I’ve always believed in good people and I know that this belief will stand true.

On Friday 12th August I’ll be leaving my home with the clothes on my back and a backpack that holds the following:

  • 1 empty water bottle
  • 7 days worth of prescription medication
  • Phone and charger to document how I go
  • 1 change of clothes
  • 1 hairbrush and toothbrush

I won’t have access to the following:

  • Cash
  • Food
  • Credit card
  • The help of immediate family or friends

If you think you can help me out by housing me, feeding me, talking to me, helping me with transport or even entertaining me- I would love to hear from you! I’ll be looking for people to get me from place to place, people to share breakfast, lunch, and dinner with and would love to hear from anyone and everyone who can help; even by way of encouraging words.