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July 19,2019 at 1:17am Noel Livick

Helped the cleaner this morning here at work by filling up the paper towel dispensers in the toilets.

July 19,2019 at 1:17am Sandie McQuade

I saw a gentleman sitting with his grocery trolley with a sign hanging on it saying ‘Homeless, looking for work’.
I went and chatted to him for a while about how he was and if he got much work from his sign.
He was so lovely and we enjoyed our chat. I gave him all my cash – after I made sure he wouldn’t be insulted.
I also asked if I could give him a hug.
He gratefully accepted and thanked me, saying he hadn’t had one of those in a long time. I kissed his head and left.

July 17,2019 at 9:28am Junior

I was waiting in line at the supermarket with my 3 items today and the lady in front of me with her trolley full of food offered for me to go ahead of her. Thankyou

July 17,2019 at 9:26am Sia Tsoutsas

We meet with young families in need and give clothes, toys and books to children

July 11,2019 at 2:32am Jodi Osborne

My car broke down in the middle of Coogee Bay Road yesterday – a complete stranger came out of nowhere and helped me – he grabbed another guy to help push, directed traffic around me then arranged for a parking spot that i could roll into. THANK YOU

July 10,2019 at 2:03am Ricki

Helped someone to take his 2$ coin from a trolly in the supermarket

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Kindness Factory is on a mission to make the world a kinder place. We focus in community, schools, and corporates. We also fund valuable research and insights into kindness and collaborate with like minded people and organisations who share our passion for kindness.



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