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June 24,2019 at 11:12am Sue McLennan

Busy knitting beanies for a friend with cancer to take to the oncology unit

June 24,2019 at 11:12am Aki

The other day i went to get my laundry from the common laundry room of our hostel and found that all my clothes had been properly folded and stacked:)
It put such a big smile on my face because exam time is going on and still someone went out of the way and helped me. It must not have taken them more than 10-15 minutes but surely made my whole day ❤️

June 24,2019 at 11:12am Michael Haritos

in Basketball I accidently hit someone in the face and I instantly said sorry and then we became friends

June 24,2019 at 11:12am maureen

I gave a three year old child some lollies cause he dropped his lollipop on the ground.

June 24,2019 at 11:12am kaneki ken

I gave someone my lunch money

June 24,2019 at 11:11am chay

I caught the footy at the Melbourne v Crows game in Darwin and gave it to a little kid who asked me for it.

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