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November 18,2018 at 1:48am Olivia Goncalves

There’s this girl who broke her ankle and she needs help carrying her backpack throughout the school day. I stepped up to help her because no one else wanted to. I am so happy that I got to do something so nice for someone else who needed help.

November 18,2018 at 1:48am Olivia Goncalves

Today I received my Silver Award for Girl Scouts! My project helped a non profit music organization. Me and my friend Leyla organized all of the music books for this organization. We were so happy that we were able to help such an amazing organization that will teach younger unprivileged kids how to play the instrument that they are intrested in.

November 17,2018 at 6:33am Ella

Helped the other team pick up all the cones after the game at cricket

November 17,2018 at 5:29am Barbara Clifford

I was told last nite that the Community has my back as we try to bring change in a small indigenous community Club

November 17,2018 at 1:05am Angela

Helping our neighbours plant new plants in the garden

November 16,2018 at 7:35am Teleetha Fernando

I gave my friend my shoes when she did not have hers

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