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December 11,2018 at 9:58pm Amanda Trutwein

I was walking down the street and saw an Amazon van with its back doors open while driving, I let him know his doors were open and he fixed it and went on. As I continued on my way I saw a package had fallen out, but the van was already gone. So I just delivered the package myself.

December 11,2018 at 4:32am Courtney

While struggling with my arms full of dog training supplies today, I made sure to hold the door for anyone behind me at all 4 community places I went.

December 11,2018 at 4:32am Autumn

I contacted my 2nd grade teacher by email from my old school. She’s very nice!!

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Elizabeth Jalette

This past week has been a very difficult week for me, and I have been greatly struggling to be happy and positive all day. However, today I saw the perfect opportunity to impact the world and save a life to make myself feel better. At the blood drive at my high school today, I decided to put aside my fear of needles and donate blood for the first time. Now I will await a text saying that part of my blood is off to save a life somewhere.

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Melissa Haug

Called my grandma to tell her I love her

December 11,2018 at 4:31am Jenn Keller

Created awareness around the brain disorder ataxia

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