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February 21,2019 at 3:17am Michelle

I recently cleaned out my closet and instead of just dropping it at the local drop box I normally do I did some research on local women’s shelters and decided to drop it off there instead. They lady who accepted the donations was extremely happy with the items and very great fuel for the donation. I have since recommended friends to donate to this local shelter as well.

February 19,2019 at 2:15am Becc

A mother and her young son were behind me in the checkout line. She looked tired and he was very taken by the chocolates, I bought him a small one and he used lovely manners to thank me. 🙂

February 17,2019 at 9:55pm Duncan

This morning at Bunnings, an old lady was asking staff about mulch and I had a bag of it which I offered to her so she didn’t have to walk and grab one. I went back to get another for myself and then helped the lady to her car with her bag of mulch.

February 14,2019 at 9:58am Leanne

My husband regularly as a matter of course acknowledges the ïnvisible people” such as staff on cash registers, homeless people in the street etc. He has a kind word for everyone asking how their day has been or just saying gidday. He’s an inspiration and makes the world a better place.

February 13,2019 at 3:53am Courtney M

Was going away for 5 days so offered my car spot to the neighbours. There’s hardly any parking in my street!

February 13,2019 at 3:53am Courtney M

My neighbour is packing up and moving overseas so needs to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Talked her into donating all her work clothes and shoes she wasn’t sure on keeping or what to do with, to a women’s charity that supports disadvantaged women returning to work, her other stuff to a women’s refuge. Packed it all up and dropped it off to both organisations. It also helped her prepare to move.

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