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April 23,2019 at 3:31am Karen Wilson

I had an unusual request from a daughter for her 60 yr old father’s birthday. The daughter wanted her father to experience a puppy bomb, which is essentially letting him get smothered by a litter of 8 Labrador pups.
Her father flew out to oz from KL to be with his daughter and they drove all the way up from Sydney to Port Macquarie.
It was fabulous.

April 21,2019 at 11:04pm Lacey

I helped set up Easter eggs

April 21,2019 at 11:04pm Andrew Reinsdorf

I am in an Uber right now and my very nice driver says: “may I ask you a question” I reply, “of course”. He asks “how do I find a job in this country? I am a mechanical engineer who emigrated here from Kabul Afghanistan two years ago and I am struggling to find a job.” I pause for a moment at the magnitude of this persons immediate and very real need; then it hits me: Upwardly Global is exactly what he needs right now. I explain the group to him then send him their link and directions to their DC office. Thank you Tony for introducing me to Upwardly Global an incredible group helping immigrants and refugees.

April 17,2019 at 3:27am Ramsgate RSL

Donated 100 Care packages to our defence force overseas for ANZAC Day

April 17,2019 at 3:14am Ken

Returned a lost purse!

April 17,2019 at 12:13am Yvette Trivino

Saw two older Latina woman that looked to be struggling to find an address in the busy rush hour hustle and bustle of NY. They did not speak the language and I walked up them and asked if they needed help in Spanish. They were so happy that I spoke the language and I quickly pulled out my phone and helped them with instructions and spoke to them in their native tongue. Was so good to be able to help them and speak to them in Spanish. I know my parents are proud. 🙂

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